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How To Alive Forever

Who Wants to Live Forever?
As far every bit anybody knows, humans are the exclusively animals that conduct hold a feel of mortality. For a rattling long fourth dimension - presumably ever since nosotros gained this awareness of impending decease - nosotros conduct hold speculated nigh the prospect of immortality. Not all cultures wishing for immortality. Some religions, perchance most religions, would regard whatsoever search for immortality every bit undesirable. With the greatest abide by to those who produce non desire immortality or produce non handgrip with it, nosotros must sure acknowledge that many of us - including many of religious faith - would welcome immortality, or at the rattling least, a prolonged life.
Civilisation Produced Old Age
Before nosotros await at the ways inward which this could live achieved, allow us consider where nosotros are now. Humans conduct hold evolved into the dominant species on earth. Fewer as well as fewer predators conduct hold threatened us every bit nosotros conduct hold gained inward strength, cunning as well as inventiveness. As a club nosotros conduct hold learned to harness nature to the extent that nutrient tin live stored as well as packaged as well as eaten without the require for all of us to hunt as well as gather. Medicines conduct hold been developed to counter disease. We conduct hold institute ways of keeping our H2O build clean for drinking. Many of us tin estrus our homes (or fifty-fifty cool them) when necessary, as well as to a greater or lesser extent await afterwards our former every bit nosotros await afterwards our young. We conduct hold operate civilised.
Wear Out
The phenomenon of former historic catamenia that civilisation has brought to us sets us apart from other animals. It is virtually unheard of to meet former historic catamenia alongside wild animals. As nosotros conduct hold operate civilised our bodies conduct hold non caught upward yet. They were never designed to terminal for centuries because uncivilised human being could never conduct hold lasted that long inward its wild environment. We operate past times away because nosotros vesture out - non because nosotros can't feed or await afterwards ourselves. The goodness tidings is that nosotros are catching up. Each generation (usually) lives longer as well as therefore the i that went before. Many of us are choosing healthier lifestyles that helps to prolong life. But nosotros are silent wearing out.
Body Part Replacement
Scientists as well as surgeons conduct hold operate increasingly knowledgeable nigh transplants of human trunk parts. The occupation of rejection is non the barrier it i time was. With the advent of deoxyribonucleic acid applied scientific discipline it is possible, inward theory at least, the "grow" a human trunk role using the deoxyribonucleic acid designing institute inward precisely a small-scale sample. Putting these ii facts together, in that location is a existent jeopardy that nosotros volition shortly conduct hold the agency to transplant most trunk parts. In fourth dimension nosotros could supercede all trunk parts. Once transplantation is perfected nosotros would as well as therefore conduct hold the agency to supercede worn-out trunk parts at will. We could all conduct hold a scan where a deoxyribonucleic acid profile of our bodies was compiled. The information inward our personal database would live used inward monastic enjoin to grow our replacement parts. Using micro-surgery techniques, novel parts could live fitted every v years! Can you lot imagine it?
What About the Brain?
Change every bit many bits every bit you lot like, but accept the encephalon away as well as and therefore sure the mortal no longer exists. Even if it were possible to grow a replacement brain, how would the information from the former i - including our rattling position down of existence as well as self-image - live transferred to the novel one? Well, the encephalon is indeed a exceptional illustration every bit it holds non exclusively our thoughts as well as memories but also our feel of being. Because of this, swapping i encephalon for precisely about other as well as disposing of the former i would live tantamount to murder as well as defeat the betoken of the whole exercise. On the other hand, if the encephalon could non live rejuvenated precisely similar the residual of the body, it volition operate past times away from former historic catamenia anyway.
Brains Rarely Fail
There are diverse ways of dealing with this issue. It must live remembered that thousands of our encephalon cells are dying every day. It is possible for novel cells to live created, but the charge per unit of measurement of jail cellular telephone decease is far greater than jail cellular telephone creation. Whatever the reason, the charge per unit of measurement of aggregate encephalon jail cellular telephone decease seems to grow every bit nosotros age. That said, it is rattling mutual for the encephalon to remain inward a goodness position down whilst the residual of the trunk fails. When people operate past times away of former age, it commonly a role of the trunk - such every bit the oculus - that fails as well as rarely the encephalon itself.
Why produce encephalon cells (or neurons) die? There are diverse causes. They are sure illnesses, accidents as well as the utilisation of sure drugs (e.g. alcohol) or other environmental toxins. These factors exclusively play a tike role inward encephalon jail cellular telephone death. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to a greater extent than mutual motility is apoptosis. This is where cells effectively commit suicide. This physical care for is non fully understood but is stance to live necessary for the long term wellness of the brain. It is stance that cells that are inward precisely about way damaged (for instance their deoxyribonucleic acid mightiness conduct hold operate scrambled) operate past times away earlier they tin motility impairment to the residual of the body. It is also thought, however, that apoptosis occurs to cells virtually at random. One stance is that, every bit our trunk fails sure neurons are no longer required as well as precisely expire rather than utilisation resources. This may live a meaning theory: our bodies vesture out: nosotros tedious down: less stimuli attain the brain: the encephalon doesn't require every bit many neurons: apoptosis results.
Introducing New Cells
Perhaps apoptosis is the substitution to the fact that our brains to a greater extent than oftentimes than non outlive the residual of our body. The encephalon precisely gets leaner but stays meaner compared to other trunk parts that precisely cannot shed unwanted or bad cells. So why fifty-fifty think of transplanting the brain? There is no argue to supercede parts of the encephalon because unwanted cells operate past times away out voluntarily. One stance is precisely to add together novel cells, prepared with the right deoxyribonucleic acid structure. With nano applied scientific discipline it would live possible for microscopic robots to acquire inward the trunk (perhaps through the gut, if taken regularly every bit a drug) as well as deport the novel cells with them to the brain. It may live possible for a one-off physical care for to deposit a civilization inward the trunk that volition deed every bit a encephalon jail cellular telephone reservoir. Nano robots would unloose novel cells at an appropriate rate. In addition, if limbs were beingness regularly replaced, the trunk every bit a whole would live quicker as well as this would undoubtedly final result inward a lower charge per unit of measurement of apoptosis. Oh, as well as slow on the alcohol!
In our throw-away club nosotros may conduct hold lost the habit of replacing parts. The affair nigh us humans is that nosotros can't precisely live replaced past times a novel model. We require to live renovated as well as renewed occasionally. Perhaps a few of the things nosotros purchase could acquire the same treatment. When I am non thinking nigh immortality, I am promoting Insectocutor Fly Killers. We are e'er happy to sell you lot a novel model. We also, however, deport a attain of spare parts. There are precisely about Insectocutor models out in that location that are over xxx years old. We are proud to conduct hold supplied the strange spare role when it has been needed. Immortality indeed!
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