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Law-Calorie Snacks

Sandwiches alongside cotton wool cheese
Ingredients (for 1 portion):
1 spell of whole bread,
1 table-spoon of skim cotton wool cheese,
1 table-spoon of Feta cheese,
1 tea-spoon of parsley, a fleck of reddish pepper.
Mix skim cotton wool cheese alongside cheese too chopped parsley to have homogeneous mass. Smear on breadstuff similar a paste, decorate alongside a modest circle of sweetness pepper.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 150 kilocalories.
Oatmeal salad
Ingredients (for 1 portion):
2 tabular array spoons of oatmeal,
4 walnuts,
1 modest apple,
125 g of skim fruit yogurt.
15 minutes earlier breakfast pour oatmeal alongside ii table-spoons of water. Peel too chop walnuts. Grate apple. Mix everything too flavour alongside fruit yogurt. You tin supplant apple tree yesteryear banana, too yogurt yesteryear a skim sour cream. Calorie content inwards ane portion: 215 kilocalories.
Vegetable fritters
Ingredients (for four portions):
1 marrow,
1 carrot,
1 clove of garlic,
1 egg,
2 table-spoons of parsley,
1 tea-spoon of flavouring, meal,
1 table-spoon of vegetable oil.
Grate a carrot too marrow. Cut greens too garlic, mix alongside vegetables. Whisk egg alongside flavouring. Mix all ingredients too add together repast to have a consistence resembling non thick sour cream. Fry fritters on a scorching frying pan alongside oil. Serve upward alongside sour cream or natural yogurt. Calorie content inwards ane portion: 120 kilocalories.
Salad (4 portions)
2 cayennes,
2 cucumbers,
100 g of brynza,
1 onion,
3 table-spoons of vegetable oil,
1 table-spoon of 3% vinegar,
1 paprika, parsley, common salt to your liking.
1. Bake cayenne inwards an oven, tegument off, cutting inwards modest particles. Wash tomatoes too cucumbers too cutting inwards cubicles. Chop onion too mix alongside salt.
2. Mix all products, add together cutting greens, common salt too flavour alongside oil, mixed alongside vinegar. Mix everything.
3. Grate brynza too pour salad alongside it.
4. Cut a pod of pepper inwards circles too position on top.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 185 kilocalories.
Salad of shrimps (2 portions)
300 g of peeled shrimps, a one-half of large cucumber,
3 table-spoons of natural yogurt,
1 crumbled clove of garlic,
2 table-spoons of cutting parsley, a pinch of soil caraway, common salt to your liking.
1. Peel off cucumber.
2. Cut a vegetable inwards modest bars.
3. Put bits of cucumber inwards a salad-dish, mix alongside shrimps.
4. Mix yogurt, parsley, garlic too caraway. Pour salad alongside this sauce.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 200 kilocalorie.
Mandarin salad (6 portions)
150 g of watercress,
100 g of soil spinach,
1 caput of chicory,
3 mandarins, peeled too divided into segments,
75 g of fried cedar nuts. For seasoning: juice of 1 mandarin, 1 lemon too ½ orange, three tabular array spoons of olive oil.
1. Mix all juices inwards blender carefully.
2. Add olive oil.
3. Mix lettuce leaves, mandarins too cedar nuts inwards a dish.
4. Season alongside a sauce of juices too oil.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 170 kilocalories.
Turkey salad (4 portions)
2 table-spoons of olive oil,
350 g of turkey cutlets, cutting inwards sparse stripes,
1 onion cutting inwards modest particles,
1 tea-spoon of grated lemon peel,
2 modest cabbage lettuce,
175 g of cherry tomatoes, cutting inwards half,
1 yellowish cayenne cutting inwards stripes, common salt too dark pepper, coriander greens for decoration. For seasoning: 1 dark-green avocado, 150 ml of fresh skim cotton wool cheese, juice of 1 lemon, ii table-spoons of cutting coriander greens, sauce Tabasco or Chili to your liking.
1. Warm upward crude inwards a large frying pan.
2. Fry bits of turkey too onion, stirring slowly, during 10 minutes. Pour alongside lemon peel. Season alongside dark pepper too salt.
3. Put all ingredients of seasoning inwards mixer too convey to homogeneous consistence. Season alongside common salt too pepper.
4. Put upper leaves of lettuce on four plates, halves of tomatoes too stripes of yellowish cayenne. Put bits of hot turkey inwards the middle, too around seasoning alongside avocado on top. Pour alongside coriander leaves.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 290 kilocalories.
A blossom of love apple tree (1 portion)
1 tomato,
cotton cheese (9% fat) – xxx g,
sour cream (10% fat) – xxx g,
garlic – xv g,
greens – five g, lettuce.
1. Cut love apple tree crow-wise, induce got out nub carefully.
2. Whip cotton wool cheese alongside sour cream, mix alongside cutting love apple tree pulp, flavour alongside crumbled upward garlic too greens.
3. Fill tomatoes alongside stuffing too position on lettuce leaves.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 111 kilocalories.
Cayennes alongside caprine animal cheese ( ii portions)
1 reddish cayenne,
50 g of caprine animal cheese,
1 table-spoon of cedar nuts,
1 tea-spoon of olive oil,
salt to your liking.
1. Cut cayenne inwards four parts too laid upward on grill, position on a dish.
2. Grate cheese.
3. Pour cayenne alongside cheese too nuts, too thence sprinkle alongside olive oil. Calorie content inwards ane portion: 130 kilocalories.
Pickled shrimps (2 portions)
8 peeled shrimps, ii table-spoons of vinegar, 1 crumbled clove of garlic, 1 cucumber, salt, pepper.
1. Cook marinade of vinegar, garlic, common salt too pepper. Leave shrimps inwards it for xxx minutes.
2. Cut cucumber inwards large circles.
3. Put a shrimp on each circle.
Calorie content inwards ane portion: 75 kilocalories.
Stuffed mushrooms (4 portions)
8 really large agarics, 1 lemon, fifty g of butter, greens of parsley for decoration, salt, grease to smear a griddle.
1. Cut caps too position them inwards boiling H2O alongside lemon juice too boil inwards modest burn for 10-15 minutes.
2. Chop stipes inwards modest particles. Smear butter alongside raw yolks, add together cutting stipes. Salt to your liking. Stuff caps alongside this mixture too position on a griddle, smeared alongside grease.
3. Bake inwards an oven. Decorate finished mushrooms alongside parsley. Calorie content inwards ane portion: 156 kilocalories.
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