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The $25 Plan

I would similar to brand $120,000 a year.  It seems similar a reasonable amount to brand later on becoming skilful at what I do, in addition to later on an expensive in addition to fourth dimension consuming education, in addition to non exclusively out of argue given that the average salary for an internal medicine Dr. similar myself is $150,000. Despite beingness good established, busy, in addition to taking telephone telephone in addition to seeing patients inwards the hospital, equally good equally providing diverse services for the infirmary in addition to for a prepare of grouping homes for developmentally disabled people, I don’t brand anywhere only about that much money.

I would likewise similar to render high lineament tending to patients for a reasonable price.  Presently I accuse nearly $160 for an twenty-four hr menses of the month that takes me nearly thirty minutes, give or accept an hour, to complete. That seems form of steep. The argue I accuse thence much is that most of what I do, solving problems over the phone, reviewing tests, consulting colleagues, signing my cite nearly a 1000000 times a day, is unpaid work.
An average internist takes tending of 1500-2000 patients. That is to say that at whatsoever given time, at that topographic point are that many people who consider a given Dr. to move “my doctor.” H5N1 Dr. similar me, who plant a to a greater extent than gentle schedule, would in all probability move responsible for 1200 patients.  In my schedule, I would tend to meet nearly 40-50 patients per week, nearly 50 weeks per year. My overhead is nearly 50% or a petty more, only depending on how things go.

What would move incorrect alongside a conception to encompass only visits alongside me or the folks inwards my pocket-sized clinic which would cost $100 a twelvemonth equally a basic fee (to encompass the things that I commonly create for nothing) in addition to thence $25 for an component division visit? As I calculate it, that should move a salary of nearly $120,000 alongside overhead taken into consideration, in addition to affordable basic wellness tending for whoever was interested inwards it. Overhead mightiness move considerably lower since these folks would non postulate to move billed.

People would withal lead keep to pay for things similar x-rays in addition to blood tests, but much of the actually of import materials is non that expensive, in addition to if patients had some stake inwards bringing the costs of procedures down, or consuming to a greater extent than wisely, things mightiness larn cheaper.

“Concierge medicine” resembles this, only alongside a steeper per twelvemonth cost in addition to an emphasis on particular handling for the patients involved. Practices that create “concierge medicine” are plainly quite pop inwards some places, but tend to cater to wealthier clientele.

H5N1 organisation similar this could co-exist alongside insurance: increasing numbers of patients are thence underinsured that an component division see would cost them to a greater extent than than $100 to root with, in addition to fifty-fifty the adequately insured patients mightiness similar the chance to completely bypass the complexity of insurance billing.  Most of the uninsured patients I meet could afford this.



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