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Reading The Internal Medicine News

Once a calendar month I instruct a large mag inward the postal service which I don’t pay for.  It is called the Internal Medicine News.  Authors write close reports from meetings or novel ideas posed past times scientists, but without the scientific rigor of a existent mag article. It is possible to review all sorts of topics inward a brusque total of time, together with some of the data is fifty-fifty true.

Diabetics don’t necessarily possess got an increased opportunity of pith attacks: researchers looked at the results of a Cat scan of the arteries unopen to the pith of over 800 diabetics together with constitute that 40% of them were absolutely fine. Cool. This is something I possess got constitute too. Some diabetics who I yell back should actually possess got pith illness are absolutely fine, alongside no narrowing of the coronary arteries at all. But the authors add together that perchance nosotros should produce this Cat scan on all diabetics to see who is who, fifty-fifty though studies of this examination demonstrate that it is unopen to useless together with nosotros know it exposes people to radiations at a marking that does crusade cancer. The authors don’t yell this.

Mammography experts track at novel reduced recommendations for mammogram screening inward patients betwixt xl together with 50 years of age: Mammography experts, who come about to hold upwards radiologists, together with thence produce brand their coin through mammograms, deliberately misunderstand together with spin the novel recommendations to halt routine screening mammograms inward the fifth decade of life. Ack. The medical profession seems completely unable to address the query of express resources together with the fact that to a greater extent than useless mammograms produce possess got away coin from the overall wellness assist pie that is supposed to serve, but is non serving, everyone.

Fructose may hold upwards causing increment inward pith disease: On average, each American eats 150 lbs of saccharide a year, together with a keen bargain of it is fructose, inward the cast of high fructose corn syrup.  This raises blood pressure, uric acid levels, reduces goodness cholesterol levels together with increases bad cholesterol levels. The outcome of all this fructose on blood pull per unit of measurement area tin hold upwards reduced past times taking a drug that reduces the uric acid level. This is novel together with interesting, together with explains why the study was sponsored past times a drug company. Clearly the solution to this work lies alongside reducing the purpose of high fructose corn syrup, though it was spun inward the direction of treating gluttonous patients alongside the uric acid lowering drug.

Australian study shows that all of the together with so called alarm signs for colon cancer don’t predict colon cancer at all: Patients who are encouraged to instruct colonoscopies to await for colon cancer because they possess got blood inward their stool or alter inward bowel habits or abdominal hurting are no to a greater extent than probable to possess got colon cancer than some other random individual their age.  This is interesting, but I’m afraid it can’t especially influence my practise since people who possess got these symptoms, if they are significant, would similar to know if their colons are the culprit. Still, it is overnice every 1 time inward awhile, to uncovering that something that I believed rather firmly is non true.

Bladder infections tin hold upwards diagnosed together with treated over the telephone only every bit effectively every bit if the patient is seen inward the office: This applies to what nosotros telephone telephone “uncomplicated urinary tract infections” which way that the individual isn’t terribly sick together with hasn’t been treated recently. Still, this saves tons of coin together with fourth dimension for both patients together with doctors. It raises the query of how to hold upwards reimbursed for telephone medicine, since treating a bladder infection over the telephone is non necessarily trivial.

Despite a “cost transparency” constabulary inward California, costs are non transparent: Researchers posing every bit uninsured patients asked for cost data at diverse hospitals.  They got answers from fewer than 1/3 of the hospitals visited, together with the data they did instruct was non standardized inward a manner that allowed them to compare unlike hospitals.



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