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Finger Nutrient Recipes

Finger Food Recipes are versatile too cater for whatever occasion

Finger Food is essentially the easiest agency to serve your guests too tin live on but equally slowly equally serving (low prep) such equally bread, cheese, mutual frigidity meat, olives, cheese too fruit. At the other terminate of the scale, they tin live on equally fancy equally crab stuffed mushrooms, mini-quiche or delicious homemade sushi rolls. They are likewise a swell agency to learn your toddler to feed himself because they are pocket-size too slowly to concur too these include: cheese rusks, dips too vegetables, (tiny hamburgers, pizza's, homemade pastries) too meatballs.

Whether you lot are preparing sophisticated recipes, such equally canapés or but whipping upwards some enjoyable political party food, at that topographic point are thousands of dissimilar types to cater for that especial occasion. Classy, nevertheless simple, finding the correct recipe tin live on a challenge.

Traditional Finger Food Recipes

One of the nigh popular, traditional finger nutrient is the Canape. Canapes are to a greater extent than oftentimes than non made amongst a breadstuff base, topped amongst an assortment of small, savory toppings. The breadstuff is cutting out into shapes such equally squares, triangles, circles too rectangles too thus topped amongst an assortment of dissimilar flavors e.g. cream cheese, salmon too parsley sprigs.

The basic Canape is 1 of many finger nutrient recipes providing an assortment of many flavours.

Recipe for Canapes


4 slices of fresh breadstuff - white, brownish rye or pumpernickel,
1 tbsp butter,
¼ tsp salt,
2 parsley sprigs, roughly 1 tsp of savory topping to serve on each canapé, such as:

Cheese spreads, tasty or fancy

Salmon, sardines, crayfish, anchovies, prawns, anchovy paste, crab, oysters, caviar, tuna

Ham, ham paste, pate, continental sausage, chicken

Hardboiled too salted or hardboiled too sieved

Vegetables - cooked or pickled

Asparagus tips, carrots, olives, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, gherkins, peppers


Cut breadstuff using a shaped cutter. Spread each circular amongst butter. Place pocket-size amounts of nutrient on each too decorate. Serve too garnish amongst parsley sprigs. Bon Appetit!


By Jude Johnson

Finger Food Recipes are fun to brand too slowly to consume too best of all......They cater for all occasions!


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