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Newt Gingrich Invited Me To A Party!

Today I received an invitation to an election solar daytime political party from Newt Gingrich himself! Apparently I own got “made the cut” every bit ane of the 2010 Champions of Medicine together with volition have a handsome certificate at an election solar daytime political party at the historic Ronald Reagan Building inwards Washington D.C. Newt has confided to me that he has worked tirelessly of the course of education of his career for wellness attention reform. He understands that I own got faced challenges during the Obama administration's outset 2 years together with that this yr has been particularly hard for me with the “Democrat held Congress essentially dismantling the world’s greatest healthcare organisation together with replacing it with the failed model of socialized medicine.”

Newt wants me at the political party mainly because he wants to last surrounded past times the best together with brightest this the world has to offering on the “night nosotros fix the wheels inwards motility to repeal Obamacare together with supervene upon it with real, meaningful reform.”


I would honey to go! I would own got absolutely no hesitation inwards quest uncomfortable questions together with spreading sedition with the gathered faithful. For all the proficient that would do. But life is together with thus amount of actually swell things to produce that don’t involve beingness inwards Washington DC on election day. There are long walks to last taken inwards the woods. There are songs to last sung with friends. There is a conference to last organized most appropriate role of technology at our hospital. There is existent data most what is going on inwards my plain to last read together with digested together with peradventure turned into essays on why the finest healthcare organisation inwards the basis fails to accept attention of its ain at an affordable price, together with how it tin terminate last tweaked to confront its challenges. There are stories that demand to last heard, poems that demand writing, children to last raised, jokes to last laughed at.

I’m notwithstanding filled with questions most this invitation, though. How stupid does he recall doctors are? Are nosotros actually stupid plenty to recall that the reform parcel dismantled the finest healthcare organisation inwards the basis together with replaced it with socialized medicine? Why invite me? I’m non fifty-fifty Republican. Could he own got invited many thousands of doctors, together with if together with thus mustn’t he believe that his message would sway real few of them, since he can’t feed thousands of doctors dinner at the Ronald Reagan building? And if I did go, what are the choices of entree?



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