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Sawo (Sapodilla) too incorporate other nutrients such every bit minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates together with fiber food. The fruit is too practiced for pump wellness together with blood vessels.

Sawo fruit (Achras sapota L) is known to the people of Indonesia. It smells fragrant together with sweetness gustation delicious. In English, known every bit Sawo Sawo, chikoo, or sapota. In India, Sawo called chikoo, inwards the Philippines known every bit tsiko, together with inwards Malaysia ciku. Chinese people refer to every bit hong xiêm Sawo fruit.

Brown fruit is usually consumed inwards fresh condition. Taste the sap is withal ofttimes attached to the mouth. Under weather ripe, this fruit tin mail away live made into a fresh drinkable or every bit a mixture of H2O ice cream. However, it has non been cultivated commercially.

Sawo originated from Central America together with Mexico. In India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, together with Central America, Sawo fruit has been cultivated commercially. In Indonesia, the Sawo is mostly cultivated every bit garden plants to savor the fruit, peculiarly inwards areas of West Sumatra, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java together with West Nusa Tenggara.

Seeds shiny brown, dark or blackish brown. The shape is apartment together with large. Sawo seeds incorporate saponins, quercetin, together with crude every bit much every bit 23 percent. Sawo seeds should non live consumed because of hydrocyanic acid content is high plenty to live toxic. Meanwhile, involvement Sawo is a telephone substitution constituent inwards parem, namely traditional medicine pulverization is rubbed on the trunk inwards novel mothers.

Sawo fruit (Sapodilla) sweetness gustation that makes this fruit a lot of fans. Sweet gustation is due to refined saccharify content inwards fruit flesh content of 16-20 percent.

Not exclusively sugar, the fruit pulp Sawo is too contained fat, protein, vitamins A, B, together with C, minerals iron, calcium, together with phosphorus. Sawo fruit nutrient composition tin mail away live seen inwards the table.

Sawo fruit has practiced mineral content. This fruit is a practiced source of potassium, ie 193 mg/100 g. On the other hand, Sawo too bring depression levels of sodium, 12 mg/100 g. Comparison of potassium together with sodium content that reaches 16:1 makes the Sawo is real practiced for the pump together with blood vessels.

In improver to potassium-rich, amber too contains a pose out of other of import minerals. Other mineral content per 100 grams of Sawo fruit are: calcium (21 mg), magnesium (12 mg), phosphorus (12 mg), selenium (0.6 mg), zinc (0.1 mg) together with copper (0.09 mg).

Sawo is too rich inwards vitamin C, which is 14.7 mg/100 g. Consumption of 100 grams of 24.5 percentage Sawo to encounter the body's take for vitamin C every day. Vitamin C tin mail away react alongside diverse minerals inwards the body. Vitamin C plays an of import utilisation inwards the metabolism of copper.

In addition, consumption of vitamin C inwards sufficient quantities tin mail away assistance amend the absorption of iron. Vitamin C tin mail away too interact alongside a multifariousness of other vitamins, similar vitamin eastward that deed every bit antioxidants.

Sawo fruits too incorporate folic acid, fourteen g. mkg/100 Folic acid is needed for the trunk to the formation of blood-red blood cells. Folic acid too helps forestall the formation of homocysteine which is real harmful for health.

Other vitamins are too contained inwards the fruit of Sawo is: riboflavin, niacin, B6, together with vitamin A. Although tin mail away live used every bit a source of vitamins together with minerals, Sawo should non live given to infants because the sap is feared volition disrupt the digestive tract.

Sawo fruit too contains a lot of refined saccharify thence practiced to live used every bit an unloose energy source. However, this fruit is non recommended for people alongside diabetes mellitus because it tin mail away increase blood refined saccharify levels quickly.

Soft together with Smooth Sawo are create to eat is brown. Raw fruit is non practiced to eat every bit hard. It was bitter together with dark-brown due to the high content of tannin together with caustic. Sawo practiced lineament is soft together with nighttime brown.

Problems of cast together with size does non matter, the almost of import pare should live smooth. Do non direct a dark-brown that is a cut, scratch, or fifty-fifty the slightest hole. Also, do non direct who has used the sap of Sawo inwards the skin. Sawo the pare defects had flesh bottom of the damaged or hard.

The fruit is ripe tin mail away live stored at depression temperatures to prolong shelf life. Ripe fruit is stored at a temperature of 0 degrees celsius tin mail away final 12-13 days. Fruit is withal raw, when stored at fifteen degrees Celsius to endure inwards practiced status for 17 days. Crude Sawo fruit stored at lower temperatures to a greater extent than than 10 days volition non mature normally.

To get mature thence quickly, Sawo take brooded, afterwards beingness washed to take away the dead skin. There are several ways of curing. The fruit is placed inwards a sealed container (eg inwards a box or bag) for a few days. However, how this volition brand the fruit ripening is non ripe at the same time. In social club to choke a ripe Sawo simultaneously, fruit pose inwards house a sealed, thence given a carbide or smoked.

This fruit is real prone to microbial contamination because the H2O content together with high nutrients. Geotrichum candidum, Cladosporum oxysporium, together with Penicillium italicum are examples of microbes that are ofttimes flora on Sawo.

To continue a mature Sawo microbial pathogens are non attacked, yous should utilisation a fungicide Benlate. Treatment naturally, without using chemicals, it was difficult to choke the best results. Therefore, to hold security, Sawo fruit should live washed earlier eaten. @ Prof Made Astawan Food Technology together with Nutrition Experts IPB



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