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Sea Buckthorn

Latin Name
Hippophae rhamnoides L.


Common Names
Sea buckthorn, Siberian pineapple, Sea Berry, Sandthorn or Swallowthorn

It is native from northwestern Europe, through cardinal Asia to the Altai Mountains to western together with northern Cathay together with the northern Himalayas.

Historic Uses
  • Used inwards ancient Hellenic Republic every bit a forage for horses to promote weight attain together with a shiny coat. In fact, the generic Latin get upward "Hippophae" literally translates to "shiny horse".
  • Sea buckthorn has been used for centuries inwards both Europe together with Asia every bit food; together with for its pharmaceutical properties.
  • Anecdotal reports dot ocean buckthorn was used inwards ancient times to:
  • Lower fever, bring down inflammation, counteract toxicity together with abscesses, together with construct clean the lungs.
  • Treat colds together with coughs.
  • Treat tumours together with growths, peculiarly of the tum together with the oesophagus.
Current Uses

Functional Food

  • Juice from ocean buckthorn berries is a mutual drinkable inwards many parts of Asia together with Europe. The juice is really high inwards protein, vitamins C together with E, together with organic acids.
  • The leaves, either fresh or dried, tin cease move steeped to yield a nutritional tea.
  • The leaves, immature branches together with fruit pulp tin cease move used every bit animate existence fodder.

  • Topical application of ocean buckthorn crude oil has been reported for peel therapy including sun, heat, chemic together with radiations burns, eczema together with poorly healing wounds. Russian cosmonauts used ocean buckthorn cream for protection from cosmic radiation.
  • Oil from the ocean buckthorn fruit is rich inwards vitamin E, carotenoids, phytosterols together with essential obese acids, all of which convey beneficial medicinal properties for the handling of internal together with topical maladies.
Agronomic together with Environmental
  • Sea buckthorn is a remarkably hardy bush that chop-chop develops an extensive origin organization capable of fixing nitrogen. Thus, it is suitable for increment on marginal soils, eventually improving them to where they tin cease back upward the increment of other plants. It is quite tolerant of salt-spray side past times side to highways. Sea buckthorn has been used for:
  • Soil erosion command together with province reclamation projects
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement (figure 1) together with farm stand upward protection
  • Ornamental bushes



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