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Common Names

English: Wood apple, Bengal Quince
Hindi: Bael, Sirphal
Scientific Names

Species: Aegle marmelos Correa
Family: Rutaceae

Various parts of the tree are used for its curative, pesticidal together with nutritive properties. Fresh one-half ripe Bael fruit is mildly astringent together with used to cure dysentery, diarrhoea, hepatitis, tuberculosis, dyspepsia together with expert for pump together with brain. Roots convey antidiarrhoetic, antidote to serpent venom, anti-inflammatory together with injure healing properties. The Bael fruit is ane of the nigh nutritious fruits, rich inward riboflavin together with used for the training of a release of products similar candy, squash, toffee, slab, pulp pulverisation together with nectar. The leaves together with seed fossil oil convey pesticidal properties.

Woody tree, native to India. Now naturalized inward Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand together with nigh of southeastern Asian countries.

Crop Status

A perennial woody tree grown inward kitchen gardens, boundary plantation roughly mango orchards together with inward woods plantations inward nigh of the states of India.

Traditional Medicinal Uses

It is used every bit a medicine to cure a release of diseases inward India. It's medicinal properties convey been listed inside "Charaka Samhita," an early on medical treatise.


The deficiency of nitrogen together with zinc is mutual inward Bael orchards together with tin flaming endure corrected yesteryear soil application or foliar spray.


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