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Flowering Found Families Of Annonaceae

The Annonaceae are woody trees, shrubs in addition to vines comprising nearly 130 genera in addition to 2,300 species. The leaves are simple, alternate, lack stipules, in addition to to a greater extent than frequently than non are distichously arranged inwards apartment sprays. The flowers are bisexual in addition to actinomorphic, possessing iii whorls of perianth amongst iii segments inwards each whorl. The elongated floral axis likewise bears many helically disposed stamens in addition to several to many uncomplicated pistils. All of the floral parts are distinct. The stamens are really short, consisting of the fertile fundamental anther portion, a distal pad of fleshy connecter tissue, in addition to a brusk fleshy basal portion. The stamens are to a greater extent than frequently than non in addition to then tightly packed on the receptacle that frequently solely the fleshy connecter tissue of each is exposed. The pistils each accept a superior ovary amongst i locule in addition to 1-many parietal ovules. Sectioned seeds disclose channels or partitions inwards the ruminate endosperm. The pistils to a greater extent than frequently than non rest distinct in addition to railroad train into berry-like fruits simply sometimes they coalesce into multiple fruits similar the custard apple.



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