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Barberry is 1 of the oldest medicinees. Not every bit good long agone thousands of lives were existence saved amongst the help of mixtures prepared from barberry root. Those mixtures would diminish fever, command mutual usual frigidness together with lung infections.

Description of Barberry plant

Barberry, named scientifically every bit "Berberis Vulgaris", is a thorny shrub amongst xanthous flowers, pocket-sized blood-red fruits together with leaves which are narrow at the base of operations together with narrow together with serrated on the edges; it grows along amongst other shrubs at the border of fields or the outskirts of forests. It's a decorative herb through its nicely colored flowers together with fruits which in conclusion throughout the twelvemonth including wintertime fourth dimension together with through its leaves that modify color during the spill season. Barberry is oftentimes cultivated every bit a hedge inwards parks together with gardens.

barberry It is also planted roughly houses where because of its thorny appear that keeps away whatever unwanted guests. However, barberry is a propitious host for "Puccinia graminis" (stem rust of wheat), together with for that argue it's forbidden for the barberry to live cultivated inwards for certain areas similar the agricultural ones.

The herb has been used throughout the fourth dimension for its medicineal characteristics. In the traditional Chinese medicine, barberry was mentioned to a greater extent than than 3000 years ago.

Proprieties of Barberry

In the chemic composition of the herb in that location are a considerable position out of active substances. The bark contains a large position out of alkaloids (berberine, berbamine, oxyacantha) together with tanines. Barberry fruits comprise glucose, fructose, malic acid, pectine, vitamin C. The active substances from the herb convey virtually the next effects: haemostatic, diuretic, vasodilator, hypertensive, antibacterial (kills bacteria together with parasites), together with anti-inflammatory. Berberine, the strong agent has numerous usages inwards controlling unlike illnesses (stimulates digestion together with reduces the gastrointestinal pains) together with at the same fourth dimension it toughens the immune system.


Among the most recommended usages of barberry are those against diarrhea (and inwards its to a greater extent than serious forms - cholera), against fever, anemia together with also against hangovers. It's also efficient against a considerable position out of infections - malaria or the lung infections, piece controlling the secretions of the mucous membrane. It has a strong sedative effect, decreases the blood pressure level together with is also a uterine stimulant. Barberry tin live administrated to help right the increase of the spleen.


Barberry tin live ingested every bit an aliment due to its generous render of vitamin C. Its fruits are used for making juice, syrup together with jam.

Only the dry out crust from the roots together with stalk is existence used inwards medicinal purposes. Barbarry tin live flora on the marketplace nether the forms of tea, tincture, pills together with ointment. Usually the pct of berberine from those products is betwixt 8 together with 12%.

Following is the shortened version on how to prepare the barberry decoct: 1/2 of powdered barberry crust is boiled inwards a loving cup of H2O for 5 minutes, afterwards which it is allow to cool downward together with and thus is strained. The terminal mixture gets poured inwards a loving cup (2 a 24-hour interval at the most), almost one-half an lx minutes earlier dinner. For gargling (against sore throats) the decoct is prepared from 1 spoon of powdered barberry crust mixed amongst 0.5 liters of water.

As for the tincture, it should live consumed 3 times a 24-hour interval inwards doses of 1.2ml.

As a remedy against kidney problems it's recommended that the side yesteryear side recipe based on barberry crust to live position into use: Finely cutting bits of barberry larn added inwards a bottle one-half filled amongst plum brandy at 35-40 degrees Celsius until the bottle is filled to the brim. It gets covered amongst a cork together with is allow to sit down for virtually 20-30 minutes inwards a heated place, afterwards which it gets strained. This mixture lasts for 5 years together with is considered a truthful miracle inwards fighting the kidney illnesses. It is administrated 2-3 times a 24-hour interval yesteryear using a spoon.

Against conjunctivitis the exercise of cataplasms amongst powdered barberry crust is recommended.


Exceding the recommended doses leads to the occurance of side efects (nausea, vomit, dizziness, convulsions) together with tin also Pb to nosebleeds, kidney failure, swells of pare together with eyes, blood saccharide decrease. The mixturees made from crust of barberry are forbidden to children, important women or women inwards lactation period. In cases of interaction betwixt this herb amongst other medicinee to avoid side effects, the advice of the MD should live asked for.


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