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Breadfruit trees grow to a tiptop of threescore to 80 (60-80) feet amongst a clear torso to 16ft, becoming 3 to half dozen (3-6) feet inwards width. It has many spreading branches, only about thick amongst lateral bearing branches in addition to others long in addition to slender amongst leafage clustered at their tips.

The leaves, evergreen or deciduous depending on climatic atmospheric condition are vivid greenish in addition to somewhat glossy on the upper surface, a ho-hum greenish on the underside amongst conspicuous xanthous veins. Its ovate variety spans amongst a ix to 20 iv (9-24) inches long, viii to 16 (8-16) inches broad base of operations that to a greater extent than or less deeply cuts into 7 to 11 (7-11) pointed lobes.

These leaves when withered or going dry out autumn to the ground. They are raked into heaps in addition to burned, preventing a breeding soil for mosquitoes when it rains.

This high yielding fruit establish produces 2 to 3 hundred fruits inwards a season. However, most breadfruit varieties besides arrive at a minor let out of fruits throughout the year; in addition to hence fresh breadfruits are besides available, but occasionally rare when non inwards season. These fruits are vivid greenish inwards color when young, amongst tiny hexagons carved all over it. When ripe, they bring a ho-hum greenish color. They are beautiful to come across in addition to hold.

Breadfruit is an all role fruit. It is a stable nutrient inwards many tropical regions. They are rich inwards starch in addition to earlier beingness eaten, they are numerous ways yous tin laid a multifariousness of dishes from these fruits.

When parboil, they tin last stored inwards zippo lock bags in addition to frozen for futurity use. In add-on it tin last cooked, crushed in addition to stirred to brand breadfruit Coo-coo, a variation of shepherd's pie, breadfruit casserole in addition to to a greater extent than depending on the ingredients yous use. On weekends, throughout many countries inwards the West Indies breadfruit is the get-go alternative dish when cooked in addition to served amongst pudding in addition to souse.

There is a multifariousness of ways inwards making soup. However, breadfruit is an fantabulous alternative inwards adding to the ingredients inwards making your soup. Oh! it is delicious,try it sometime.

Whole fruits tin last roasted over an opened upwards fire. When it is most finish, meat it in addition to fill upwards amongst onion, seasoning, butter (or edible oil) optional, saccharide in addition to or kokosnoot milk. Let the fruit complete cooking for x to xv (10-15) minutes, pare in addition to serve.


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