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Bullocks Middle Facts

cherimoya as well as atemoya, the custard apple or bullock's see is well-liked inwards many parts of the world. In piteous varieties the flesh is unremarkably a flake less flavorful than its well-known relatives, but thankfully improve varieties are spreading, having fairly good-flavored flesh. Fruits oft conduct maintain colorful pare alongside creamy, white or pale yellowish flesh.

Description: Small tree to 20-35ft. Leaves tin survive quite pretty but trees oft accept on irregular shapes. The tree is pop equally a rootstock for other Annona species. Bullock's heart conduct maintain an wages over other Annona's inwards that they tend to ripen slightly afterward inwards the yr than their relatives, as well as thus during for sure times of the year, merely bullock's see are available.

Hardiness: It is tropical, but amount -grown trees demonstrate hardiness to 26F.

Growing Environment: Grow inwards amount sun. Water regularly.

Propagation: Usually past times seeds. There are few named varieties as well as improve strains are propagated past times air layering as well as grafting.

Uses: Almost solely eaten fresh.

Native Range: Native to the Caribbean Area share but has spread across Central as well as South America, too equally Africa as well as Asia.


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