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Camu Camu Foods High Inwards Antioxidants

Camu-Camu. After the sugariness smelling, white waxy petals driblet it develops small-scale red/purple colored fruit that looks similar a cherry. Among herbalists, camu-camu is known for its astringent, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antiviral, analgesic together with emollient together with nutritional properties together with is equally good a root of phosphorus, protein, iron, niacin, thiamin riboflavin, beta-carotene, calcium, together with iii dissimilar amino acids. It is a rich root of flavinoids.

People who operate Camu-camu for its vitamin C convey constitute that simply 1-2 grams of this natural root is a meliorate immune arrangement booster together with large doses of commercially available synthetic Vitamin C. Camu-camu is almost 2-3% Vitamin C yesteryear fresh weight, which is an exceptional concentration together with testifies to Camu-camu’s value equally an antioxidant. And, equally yous are in all likelihood aware, antioxidants are of import when it comes to my 2 other favorite “antis” anti- inflammatory together with anti-aging (of which I am specially fond).

Camu-camu is currently beingness studied to access its mood balancing properties. As published inwards the Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Healing (1998) yesteryear Gary Null, Ph.D. Camu-camu is issue 2 inwards damage of the authority of the chemic compounds it contains amongst mood balancing properties. While the connecter has non been thoroughly researched, it appears that Camu-camu powerfulness furnish nutritional back upward for the brain’s ain production of mood balancing chemicals. Additionally, enquiry has been published linking vitamin C together with an increased degree of serotonin.

Dr Mike Adams, (who’s called the Health Ranger) had this to state almost Camu-Camu:
“I’ll tell yous a surreptitious almost camu. Camu-camu is the highest natural root of vitamin C inwards the world. And it’s non simply 1 isolated chemic (ascorbic acid), it’s the amount symphony of protective antioxidants. My enquiry on this herb, based inwards business office of the plant of doc James Duke, leads me to the determination that camu-camu crosses the blood-brain barrier together with offers extraordinary protection to the nervous system. There is no interrogation inwards my heed that this production tin drastically cut back oculus disorders, including macular degeneration, equally good equally protect the encephalon together with nervous arrangement from degenerative diseases similar Alzheimer’s together with dementia.” (


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