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Camu Camu

camu camu, or the camu berry.

The camu berry is best known for its unusually high vitamin C content. Vitamin C, equally you lot may know, has many uses for preventing chronic disease. Natural (not synthetic) vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents costless radical harm to the deoxyribonucleic acid of the cells throughout your body, which helps inwards the prevention of cancer too pump illness (among other wellness problems). Vitamin C also prevents colds too fifty-fifty the flu. It is a huge immune organization booster too an all-around power-packed vitamin -- but exclusively inwards its full-spectrum natural form.

There's no nutrient on the planet amongst a higher concentration of vitamin C than the camu berry. How high a concentration? Consider this: oranges are by too large known for their high vitamin C content. However, oranges frequently exclusively cause got some 1,000 ppm of vitamin C. Sometimes they tin cause got equally high equally 3,000 or 4,000, but that's unusual, specially given the way they are commercially grown today. The camu berry tin cause got concentrations equally high equally 50,000 ppm or almost ii g of vitamin C per 100 g of fruit. That agency that the camu berry provides 50 times to a greater extent than vitamin C than an orangish (on an ounce-for-ounce basis).

So what just does vitamin C create for your body?

One of the best-known uses for vitamin C is inwards protecting your nervous system. The nervous organization includes your brain, eyes too all the nerves running throughout your trunk that enjoin your pump when to contract, your lungs when to breathe, too your muscles when to flex -- it's the electronic organization of your body. When your nervous organization is nether gear upward on past times unhealthy foods or environmental toxins, your character of life begins to fade rapidly.

If you lot don't cause got a fully functional nervous system, you lot may sense symptoms similar depression. You may lose the might to focus sharply. You may cause got what is sometimes called encephalon fog. You may honor you lot don't larn equally apace or you lot can't retrieve things equally well. Eventually, you lot may halt upward amongst a diagnosis of dementia or fifty-fifty Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's illness is associated amongst the buildup of plaque on encephalon nerves, too recent interrogation inwards mice shows that this plaque is reversible. Through nutrition too encephalon do you lot tin genuinely contrary the buildup too take away the plaque, restoring your encephalon to a to a greater extent than youthful state. It's but similar whatever other musculus inwards your body: when you lot exercise your encephalon too hand it proficient nutritional support, it volition piece of job good for you lot too avoid degenerative conditions.

The eyes are an of import component of your nervous system. Many people cause got vision problems too there's a lot of disinformation almost the drive of these problems. Eye impairments are typically diagnosed equally physical deformities of the eyes, but this is unremarkably false. Doctors volition enjoin you lot that your oculus is likewise long or the lens isn't shaped right. This is something amongst which I strongly disagree.

I'm 38 years quondam too I cause got perfect vision that I hold through nutrition. I cause got outstanding nighttime vision too no postulate to vesture spectacles or contacts. This is accomplished through the frequent intake of berries too superfoods similar camu camu, goji berries too cacao (chocolate).



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