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Myth: Gaining The “Freshman 15” Can’T Live On Avoided.

Answer: BUSTED!

The fearfulness of gaining the “freshman 15” tin forcefulness out hold upwards intimidating for showtime fourth dimension college students. Fortunately virtually freshmen produce non attain xv pounds during their showtime year. The total of weight attain is truly closer to iii to 10 pounds.

College is a novel lifestyle in addition to surroundings for many students which tin forcefulness out Pb to stress in addition to describe per unit of measurement area to excel. Eating for comfort or stress relief cash inwards one's chips mutual habits for college freshman. There is every bit good an increase inwards nutrient exposure through buffet fashion cafeterias, restaurants on campus in addition to vending machines inwards the dorms. Most students every bit good cash inwards one's chips involved inwards many social events where nutrient is commonly readily offered.

Adjusting to a novel surroundings tin forcefulness out hold upwards both exciting in addition to hard but it is of import to keep good for you lot eating habits which volition help preclude weight attain inwards college.

Tips to avoid the freshman 15:
  • Watch component subdivision sizes
    • Don’t mean value of the cafeteria every bit an all-you-can-eat buffet!
    • Eat good rounded meals that include all of the nutrient groups.
  • Exercise
    • College campuses are a nifty house to walk or ride your bike.
    • Regular do volition every bit good help salve stress.
  • Get enough of sleep
    • Irregular slumber patterns arrive hard for your trunk to adjust.
    • Aim for vii to 8 hours of slumber a night.
  • Watch your drinks
    • Soda, sports drinks in addition to many other beverages tin forcefulness out pack inwards lots of extra calories.
    • Choose H2O every bit oftentimes every bit possible in addition to throttle other drinks to 1 a day.
  • Listen for hunger cues
    • Eat tardily in addition to thus you lot recognize when you lot are full.
    • Just because at that spot is nutrient at that spot doesn’t hateful you lot bring to swallow it!
  • Eat smart snacks
    • Keep good for you lot snacks such every bit fruits in addition to vegetables handy in addition to thus you lot ever bring a backup plan.
    • Many times nosotros confuse thirst amongst hunger. Drinking enough of H2O throughout the twenty-four hr catamenia tin forcefulness out preclude unnecessary snacking.

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Contributor: Jenna Silverthorne, Dietetic Intern, KU Med & Denise Schmitz, M.A., R.D., Nutrition in addition to Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,


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