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Is Pradaxa (Dabigatran) Dangerous? Comparison Pradaxa, Xarelto Too Warfarin

Just today spell poking through studies of late released, I came upon an article that added to my growing discomfort alongside using Pradaxa, an anticoagulant ("blood thinner") that is at 1 time existence widely used equally an option for warfarin (coumadin is the laid upwardly name) for people alongside atrial fibrillation inward social club to trim down their run a endangerment for stroke.

Atrial fibrillation is a status inward which the atrium (entry chamber) of the pump wiggles rather than beats, in addition to is caused past times high blood pressure, valve problems, alcohol abuse in addition to a number of other factors. The wiggling rather than beating atrium tin laid upwardly up blood clots which tin migrate into arteries all over the body, but most devastatingly inward the encephalon to drive strokes. Taking an anticoagulant reduces this risk. But blood has a real practiced argue for clotting, in addition to when it is inhibited from clotting, a individual tin bleed, sometimes catastrophically, from an injury or an ulcer or a weak expanse inward the tissues of the body. Like the purpose of whatever drug, anticoagulant purpose involves considering whether risks are less than expected benefits. Warfarin, our one-time measure drug, required that nosotros monitor the marking of anticoagulation alongside a blood exam nigh every month. This was annoying in addition to resources consuming, but had the consequence of keeping us inward contact alongside our patients in addition to of making them realize, monthly, that in that location was run a endangerment associated alongside taking the drug. It was non uncommon for the marking to driblet also depression to hold upwardly protective, or to ascent to the signal that serious haemorrhage could occur. Still, most patients did fine. The drug became generic a few years agone in addition to then its cost was non also significant, in addition to insurance covered the blood tests in addition to followup.

Pradaxa, on the other hand, requires no monitoring. It is dosed twice daily rather than once, equally for warfarin, but it is bully to non direct hold to worry nigh monthly visits. Warfarin blocked the activeness of vitamin K, in addition to then could hold upwardly reversed past times eating foods alongside lots of vitamin K, in addition to then patients had to hold upwardly careful alongside their diets. Pradaxa has no such restrictions. Because Warfarin blocked vitamin K equally its chief machinery of action, giving high doses of vitamin K was pretty effective inward stopping haemorrhage if a individual was injured or needed surgery, in addition to if nosotros needed to opposite it fifty-fifty to a greater extent than chop-chop nosotros could purpose blood plasma. In the example of Pradaxa, though, in that location is no known agent that reverses its effects, though its effects do fade inward nigh 24 hours. Unlike warfarin which takes days to teach effective, pradaxa plant inward less than an hour, which inward to a greater extent than or less situations mightiness hold upwardly life saving.

I was a bully fan of Pradaxa when it showtime came out because my patients actually did loathe to teach regular blood tests alongside warfarin in addition to sometimes their doses were real hard to stabilize. I saw many haemorrhage complications over the years that I practiced alongside warfarin, in addition to occasionally strokes when the dose was also low. I woke upwardly to problems alongside Pradaxa when I went to an Advanced Trauma Life Support course of report in addition to institute that the surgeons who dealt alongside patients who are injured were real opposed to anticoagulants, peculiarly ones that couldn't hold upwardly reversed. Patients who had trauma to their heads or abdomens in addition to were on such drugs would bleed in addition to buy the farm in addition to the surgeon would direct hold to sit down past times in addition to watch. The surgeons asked why internists similar myself would force in addition to then strongly to teach patients to accept these drugs to trim down run a endangerment of stroke, when the patient mightiness simply equally easily buy the farm of haemorrhage should they autumn or hold upwardly inward a machine accident.

The article that simply came out was inward the Archives of Internal Medicine this calendar month in addition to showed that patients who took Pradaxa were 1.33 times equally probable equally patients who took no anticoagulants, aspirin or warfarin to had pump attacks or nigh pump attacks. I direct hold no existent persuasion why this would be, but the report was large in addition to performed at several centers, in addition to then plainly something nigh this drug may laid upwardly microclots inward the coronary arteries direct house or laid upwardly platelets to a greater extent than sticky. In whatever case, it certain makes me intend twice nigh using it.

Just real of late to a greater extent than or less other drug similar Pradaxa was released for use, in addition to it may hold upwardly better. The laid upwardly mention is Xarelto, generic mention Rivaroxaban. This drug is dosed 1 time daily in addition to tin hold upwardly reversed alongside a blood production called prothrombin complex. Its official indications are broader than Pradaxa. It tin hold upwardly used both for atrial fibrillation in addition to preventing blood clots inward the legs of patients who direct hold had hip or knee articulation replacements. It's probable that both Pradaxa in addition to Xarelto are practiced for whatever clotting condition, but the FDA is tiresome to expand its recommendations due to the fact that blood clotting weather are real risky, in addition to in that location are other drugs that direct hold long histories of effectiveness.

The cost of these novel anticoagulants is actually steep. quotes a cost of $245 for a month's render of Pradaxa, in addition to looking at sources online for Xarelto, costs for that volition hold upwardly actually similar. Warfarin alone costs nigh fifteen dollars a month, but monitoring in addition to complications select the cost upwardly significantly inward the large picture. Both of the novel drugs are less probable to drive fatal haemorrhage than warfarin.

So the response to the enquiry "is Pradaxa dangerous?" is "of course!" which also is truthful of Xarelto in addition to warfarin.


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