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An Interview Amongst Dr. C. Vicky Beer, Paleo-Friendly Md

As I was preparing my recent article on the Paleo diet (1), I interviewed a local Paleo-friendly MD named C. Vicky Beer.  I was solely able to include a snippet of the interview inwards the article, but I thought WHS readers would hold out interested to read the relaxation of the interview alongside Dr. Beer:

1.  What drew you lot to the Paleo diet equally a therapeutic approach?

I induce got been interested inwards the notion of the “ideal” or “optimal” diet for over 25 years, ever since I was majoring inwards Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, as well as induce got studied as well as explored many diets over the years.   I induce got been intrigued past times the notion of what humans are “meant” to eat, as well as what type of diet is optimal for health, wellness as well as illness prevention equally it relates to my medical do equally good equally my ain life.  It was really through Crossfit grooming that I commencement became exposed to the Paleolithic approach to diet.  I was impressed from the dramatic results I saw inwards swain “crossfitters” inwards price of non solely their weight loss (in those who had weight to lose) but also from the benefits they seemed to hold out attaining inwards price of their ain endurance as well as athletic performance.  From the instant I heard nearly the Paleo, it made sense to me equally a scientist.  The concept of Paleolithic diets makes sense to me equally I do believe in that place is an ideal diet, 1 that is far different than the diet nosotros recollect of equally “American” which is heavily influenced past times industrialization, agriculture, advertising as well as addiction.  The bulk of the problems I consider inwards my patients are related to diet as well as lifestyle.  Paleolithic type diets are dietary solutions to many of these problems.

2.  Under what circumstances do you lot recommend it?

We are dealing alongside an epidemic of diabetes inwards this country, which is an expanse of exceptional as well as focus as well as involvement to me.  Here are about facts that I experience are astounding as well as frightening:

Data from the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet (released Jan. 26, 2011) 

Total prevalence of diabetes
Total: 25.8 1000000 children as well as adults inwards the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.
Diagnosed: 18.8 1000000 people
Undiagnosed: 7.0 1000000 people
Prediabetes: 79 1000000 people*
New Cases: 1.9 1000000 novel cases of diabetes are diagnosed inwards people aged xx years as well as older inwards 2010.
Under xx years of age
•    215,000, or 0.26% of all people inwards this historic flow grouping induce got diabetes
•    About 1 inwards every 400 children as well as adolescents has diabetes
Age xx years or older
•    25.6 million, or 11.3% of all people inwards this historic flow grouping induce got diabetes
Age 65 years or older
•    10.9 million, or 26.9% of all people inwards this historic flow grouping induce got diabetes
•    13.0 million, or 11.8% of all men aged xx years or older induce got diabetes
12.6 million, or 10.8% of all women aged xx years or older induce got diabetes

As you lot tin consider from these statistics, this is a huge problem, as well as I experience a instantly outcome of many years inwards ones life of a diet as well as lifestyle that promotes glucose intolerance as well as ultimately diabetes. Diabetes is years inwards the making inwards each person.  By the fourth dimension someone is really diagnosed, their metabolic problems induce got been going on for many years.  My project equally their MD is to endeavour to contrary the procedure as well as teach their blood sugars lower, as well as to endeavour to shift their metabolism towards a healthier state.

Diet is a real personal matter as well as is influenced past times finances, emotions, preferences, habits, culture, religion as well as attitude. It takes a swell bargain of motivation to brand meaning as well as fifty-fifty radical changes to someone’s diet.  For those who are genuinely motivated, I recommend the Paleo diet.  For those who are maybe overwhelmed alongside diet change, or whose diet is so radically different than a Paleo type diet, I recommend smaller, incremental changes, or maybe volition focus on 1 exceptional seem of Paleo eating, most commonly grains.  I believe our grain as well as corn heavy diet is at the origin to many problems I see, as well as so I frequently operate on this seem commencement equally I experience swell do goodness tin occur.

Obesity inwards full general is the culprit inwards many wellness problems, non simply diabetes (and non all diabetics are obese per se).  Other problems I commonly consider inwards my do related to weight, as well as thus diet, are arthritis as well as hypertension.  Hyperlipidemia is also heavily affected past times diet.  There is a style to recollect of high blood cholesterol equally related to how much fatty as well as cholesterol 1 eats.  I believe that is non the total story.  We know that meats from grass fed animals (and eggs from chickens that are non purely grain fed) are different inwards their fatty composition as well as so I recollect it is non accurate to blame meat as well as eggs per se, but maybe the types of meat.  I also believe that simply equally the fats inwards an creature fed grains are different than a grass fed creature (i.e. to a greater extent than pro inflammatory omega 6s, less omega 3s inwards the grain fed), I believe that humans are similarly influenced.  We know that heart as well as soul illness is non simply a employment of cholesterol but 1 of inflammation equally well.  Here is a link to an first-class summary past times Dr Andrew Weil on this topic.

The Paleo diet is inherently higher inwards omega 3s. 

Here is about other link on the dependent champaign that I recollect summarizes the issue.

The Paleo diet I experience is also skillful for people alongside irritable bowel syndrome, since it is gratis of gluten as well as dairy which are frequently major culprits inwards this condition.

3.  What kinds of results induce got you lot seen?

So, to hold out clear, I don’t ever recommend the “Paleo” diet to people past times name.  There is so much resistance to modify inwards people (that is our nature) that it is non frequent that I genuinely recommend the “Paleo diet.”  This is due to a number of factors.  Cost is 1 issue.  Another is religion (I induce got patients who do non necessarily believe inwards development as well as to hence emphasize a diet that is based on an evoluationary concept would non operate for them).  Another number is culture.  Rice is such an integral component division of so many Asian cultures that sometimes suggesting that someone eliminate rice from their diet is akin to suggesting they eliminate water.  I discovery that my patients are frequently to a greater extent than opened upward to simple, clear suggestions, similar “ endeavour reducing the wheat, rice, corn as well as dairy” inwards the diet to teach things started.

There are those people who are even so intrigued past times the concept of Paleolithic eating as well as for those people, they may hold out to a greater extent than motivated to brand meaning changes to their diet.

Regardless of what you lot telephone phone it, the results are the same.  People who significantly growth the amount of vegetables, fish, nuts, lean meats as well as fresh fruits inwards their diet, as well as who trim back their grain, dairy, as well as legume intake induce got lower blood sugars, ordinarily lose weight, as well as ordinarily induce got to a greater extent than energy.

4.  How has it compared to other therapeutic dietary approaches inwards your experience?  

I recollect in that place is difficulty for many people to induce got the Paleo concepts since in that place is such an emphasis on grains inwards our diet as well as that they are healthy.  It is also non a mainstream diet, so in that place is less data readily available to people.

The skillful intelligence I recollect is that to a greater extent than popular, known diets similar the South Beach diet or Zone diet I believe are based inwards Paleolithic theory.  So past times next those diets, which mightiness hold out easier for people due to manufacture back upward of these diets equally good equally to a greater extent than of a volume media presence, people are probable to experience the same or similar wellness benefits.

5.  Have you lot encountered whatever drawbacks or contraindications to the approach?

As inwards a higher house – this diet tin hold out hard for people financially.  It tin also hold out such a radically different means of eating than someone has eaten their entire lives that it tin hold out a existent challenge as well as frequently real pocket-size incremental changes are necessary.

However, many people come upward to me feeling poorly for years as well as are frequently laid upward to brand changes inwards lodge to experience better.  Education nearly diet as well as how it impacts our wellness as well as good beingness does non ordinarily stand upward for good into the typical xv infinitesimal component division visit.  Time (appointment fourth dimension limits )is hence a challenge equally well. 

As alongside whatever diet approach, residual as well as diversity are necessary.  People induce got so many constraints on them – time, fiscal for instance that brand modify difficult.  Many people are also dependent on the diet of their household/family members.  And equally I mentioned, our culture, as well as the typical American diet, is so far removed from the Paleolithic diet that it is hard plenty to operate alongside 1 person. But ordinarily that someone is a fellow member of a household alongside their ain preferences, restrictions as well as believes which needs to hold out incorporated equally well 

6.  Do you lot eat a Paleo diet?

Yes, nearly 80% of the time.  From my reading as well as personal experience, I experience that if I eat this means nearly 80% of the fourth dimension I experience well, do good inwards my physical activities as well as induce got a stable mood, all benefits I believe of this diet.  I personally don’t experience nor believe that whatever diet needs to hold out followed 100% of the fourth dimension (with rare exceptions, for instance the demand for someone alongside celiac illness to avoid gluten 100% of the fourth dimension or inwards the instance of nutrient allergies).  Overall though, I recollect in that place needs to hold out flexibility inwards how 1 approaches diet as well as nutrient inwards lodge to hold out able to alive inside for certain guidelines.  So I eat Paleo nearly 80% of the time, but do relish a weekly cheeseburger, cream inwards my coffee, the occasional cocktail or drinking glass of wine,  as well as real rarely breadstuff alongside butter when I exit to eat.  None of these things are constitute inside the “true” Paleo diet, but I recollect in that place is a means to attain residual as well as relish life as well as experience well.  I acknowledge that if I locomote beyond that 80% I don’t experience well, so in that place is for me a continued motivation to adhere to the diet concepts.   For my patients who induce got been able to brand meaning changes to their diet, they equally good ordinarily notice the impact of deviating from the diet inwards how they feel, their blood sugars, mood, good being, etc.  Once someone feels well, they induce got an of import shout out for of reference.  If I tin aid people plow over that good beingness shout out for of reference, as well as then I experience similar I induce got done my job.  It as well as then becomes upward to them to determine if they desire to locomote along to operate as well as strive to hold that province of being.

In 2 after messages, Dr. Beer added this:

I realize that I didn't refer plenty nearly success alongside Paleo as well as diabetes.  Every patient I induce got ever had alongside diabetes who has adhered to the paleo diet for most of the fourth dimension has experienced dramatic results.  Every 1 of them has been able to trim back their blood sugars as well as trim back their medications significantly, as well as inwards about instances, halt their medicine altogether.  This is non dissimilar other to a greater extent than known pop diets such equally South Beach or Zone, which are really quite similar to the Paleo diet inwards composition.  Of course, to plow over dramatic results requires a commitment to exercise equally well, but the impact of diet is frequently profound.

Anecdotally, I saw a patient simply yesterday who was able to heighten his HDL cholesterol past times xx points alongside the Paleo diet.  He has been an avid runner as well as cyclist for years, but ever struggled alongside a depression HDL.  We discussed Paleo a twelvemonth agone at his physical, as well as when I saw him yesterday, 1 twelvemonth later, his HDL as well as lipid ratio had dramatically improved!

Dr. C. Vicky Beer practices internal medicine at Virginia Mason infirmary inwards Lynnwood, Washington.



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