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Pear, which belong to the genus Pyrus, is a flora that grows inward diverse places inward the world, from coast to temperate regions, from western Europe to northern Africa together with Asia.

There are thirty species of pear, Pyrus communis include, Pyrus nivalis, together with Pyrus salicifolia. Pears together with apples are 2 plants that are related, together with thence that about species of fruit is sometimes hard to distinguish. But truly they tin locomote distinguished easily. Pear flesh has a rock cell, piece the apple tree is not. If apple tree tin float on water, the pear volition sink.

Popular pear inward the cast of fresh, canned, juice, or dried. Pears tin too locomote made ​​into jelly or jam, unremarkably mixed amongst other fruits. Pears tin locomote cooked at room temperature, fifty-fifty volition mature faster if placed most a banana. Cooling inward the fridge volition dull downward the ripening procedure of this.

In price of health, pears are a root of fiber together with vitamin C is good. In addition, a pear too contains potassium, calcium, vitamin A, sugar, together with protein. Fibers contained inward a pear insoluble fiber, this way that the pear has a skilful efficacy equally a medicine laksansia / laxative. Stone cells constitute inward pear flesh were able to trim back polyps inward the colon, thereby reducing the run a peril of colon cancer. Most of the content of vitamin C together with fiber constitute on the peel of pear fruit.

In improver it is said too that a pear beneficial to trim back the inflammation of mucous membranes, colitis, gall bladder disorders, arthritis, together with gout.


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