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Pigeon Plum Benefits

Pigeon Plum it’s likewise called Pigeon Seagrape along amongst Dove Plum as well as Tie-tongue. In the same genus every bit the Seagrape it shares a solid unit of measurement resemblance.

Like many plants who has a to a greater extent than famous relative the Pigeon Plum is inwards the shadow of the Seagrape. While both the Seagrape as well as Pigeon Plum tin dismiss move eaten out of hand, the latter benefits from existence permit to dry out thence rehydrated. The fruit is eaten or made into jelly or wine. The jelly tastes nearly identical to apple tree jelly, as well as some folks inwards the Caribbean Area brand the Pigeon Plum into a real strong distillation. Because of the astringency the berries shop good but earned them the mutual hollo of Tie-tongue. They are oftentimes sold inwards Caribbean Area markets as well as were an of import nutrient for the Mikasukis Indians.

The Pigeon Plum is an upright tree amongst dense leaves as well as evergreen but it tin dismiss dump a lot of leaves approximately March putting on novel ruby-red ones. Flowers are three-inch long racemes (spikes) inwards early on summertime turning into multiple 1/3 inch peach-shaped greenish fruit that ripen to night imperial that persist on the tree. While commonly 25 to 35 feet at maturity it tin dismiss grow larger. Young trees hold off pyramidal but thence the tree commonly develops multiple trunks which tin dismiss brand older trees hold off similar rounded vases.

In the Buckwheat solid unit of measurement this tree was used for centuries to gain a tannin called Kino that was used medicinally. Now it is generally an ornamental works life producing what some telephone telephone a marginally edible fruit. That is a chip puckish. If it were the exclusively fruit inwards flavour as well as your exclusively selection it would move a bang-up fruit of many uses. But if i has hundreds of fruits most bred to move sweetness as well as inoffensive thence it becomes a marginal fruit. As mentioned, dried fruit rehydrated are the best tasting. It is non odd inwards non-commercial fruit trees that the best fruit are the ones yous convey to struggle the ants for.

If modern human being has gustation trial amongst the tree, birds gain not, peculiarly pigeons as well as doves, which is why it is called Pigeon Plum as well as Dove Plum. Bird watchers know to uncovering that tree to sight those birds. (An accessible specimen grows inwards Dreher Park inwards West Palm Beach, FL, simply due east of the Zoo.) More so, the fruit tin dismiss ferment on the tree. Ethnobotanist MD Daniel Austin inwards his majority Florida Ethnobotany reports seeing a Mocking Bird i time boozer on Pigeon Plum fruit. Among the other wild fauna that see the tree are catbirds, robins, woodpeckers, pocket-sized rodents as well as raccoons.

In Florida, yous tin dismiss uncovering the Pigeon plum inwards coastal key as well as southern Florida from Brevard County southward through the Keys as well as into the counties of Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, as well as Lee. It likewise grows inwards the Bahamas, throughout the Caribbean, inwards Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands.

IDENTIFICATION: Tree to seventy feed, commonly one-half that size or less. Straight body compact head. Branches don’t droop. Bark low-cal gray, on older trees flaking inwards large scales. Leaves, alternate, simple, no teeth, oblong to ovate, some blunt tips, some pointed tips, pinnate as well as brachidodromous (see diagram below) evergreen, 2 to iv inches long. Flowers creamy-white spike. Fruit night purple. oval to pear shaped, inwards clusters, thin-fleshed, juicy, tin dismiss move astringent, unmarried difficult seed resembling a Seagrape seed. Mostly night dark-brown amongst pointed tip.

TIME OF YEAR: Fruits autumn to winter

ENVIRONMENT: Full sun, tin dismiss tolerate some shade, drought tolerant, tin dismiss tolerate some salt, constitute generally inwards coastal areas.

METHOD OF PREPARATION: Eaten raw, made into jelly, vino or distilled spirits. Raw fruit improve if dehydrated some first, improve cooked if rehydrated first.


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