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Plum or prune contains ferulid acid accept anticancer compounds. According to research, if these substances are consumed, it tin attention trim back the run a jeopardy of colon cancer. It besides contains hydroxycinnamate, an antioxidant that tin forbid LDL oxidation. Along alongside a diversity of fiber it contains, plums tin protect against pump attacks as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

The fruit is eaten fresh plum has a sweet, sour as well as fresh. After experiencing the processing, the coloring of this fruit would switch to black. For the Chinese, dark plums helps quaff tasty cuisine inwards particular. Black plum fruit contains sitrik ASID, as well as beta sitosterol triterpene. In addition, it contains properties antibakteria, fever relief, launched a major drainage as well as disposal of lethal intestinal worms specially roundworms.

In addition, plums comprise borron, a type of mineral that helps the trunk absorb calcium, as well as thus it consumes 10-12 dried plums per twenty-four hours tin attention forbid os loss as well as trim back the run a jeopardy ostheoporosis. In add-on the fruits health, this fruit contains fiber as well as potassium.


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