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Soda-Free Sunday

Last Thursday, I received a message from a gentleman named Dorsol Plants virtually a populace wellness crusade hither inwards King County called Soda Free Sunday.  They're bespeak people to view as well as brand a pledge to become soda-free for 1 hateful solar daytime per week. 

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), including soda, is 1 of the worst things yous tin produce for your health.  SSB consumption is likely 1 of the major contributors to the modern epidemics of obesity as well as metabolic dysfunction.

I imagine that most WHS readers don't imbibe SSBs real oftentimes if at all, but I'm certain simply about do.  Whether yous desire to endeavor drinking fewer SSBs, or simply re-affirm an ongoing commitment to avoid them, I encourage yous to view as well as brand the pledge.  You tin produce as well as then fifty-fifty if you're non a resident of King county.


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