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Eocene Diet Follow-Up

Now that WHS readers unopen to the basis convey adopted the Eocene Diet in addition to are losing weight at an alarming rate, it's fourth dimension to explicate the postal service a piddling more.  First, credit where credit is due: Melissa McEwen made a like declaration inwards her 2011 AHS talk, where she rolled out the "Cambrian Explosion Diet", which beats the Eocene Diet past times close 470 1 K 1000 years.  It was likely inwards the dorsum of my caput somewhere when I came upward alongside the idea.

Apr Fools hateful solar daytime is expert for a laugh, exactly sense of humor oft has a grain of truth inwards it.  In this case, the postal service was a jumping off indicate for discussing human development in addition to what it has to order close the "optimal" human diet, if such a affair exists.  Here's a preview: development is a continuous procedure that has shaped our ancestors' genomes for every generation since the commencement of life.  It didn't halt alongside the Paleolithic, inwards fact it accelerated, in addition to most of us today acquit meaningful adaptations to the Neolithic diet in addition to lifestyle. 

Modern genetics has revealed that nosotros are all genetic patchwork quilts, our genomes shaped past times several dissimilar environments, in addition to perfectly adapted to none.  We're caught inwards the midpoint of an evolutionary transition, partially adapted to Neolithic life exactly non quite at that spot yet, in addition to no longer quite adapted to the life of a hunter-gatherer either. 

I'll delve into these topics farther inwards upcoming posts, in addition to innovate Ötzi, the Tyrolean H2O ice man, who volition travel our guide. 


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