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Myth: Other Than Going Exterior In Addition To Walking, At That Topographic Point Are No Other Activities To Teach My Kids Away From The Screen.

Answer: BUSTED!

 contributes to increasing youth obesity Myth: Other than going exterior together with walking, at that spot are no other activities to teach my kids away from the screen.
As nosotros know, also much covert fourth dimension – watching TV, video games, calculator fourth dimension – contributes to increasing youth obesity. Youth pass also much fourth dimension beingness inactive, fourth dimension that would live on improve spent doing some type of physical activity. Here are some ideas for screen-free alternatives for yous together with your family:

  • Play flashlight tag inwards the dark.
  • Plant a garden together with teach active maintaining it.
  • Dance to music. Make upward novel trip the calorie-free fantastic moves.
  • Play balloon volleyball indoors. See how long yous tin laissez passer the sack proceed the balloon inwards the air.
  • Throw calorie-free scarves inwards the air. Keep them inwards the air equally yous plow unopen to inwards a circle together with create other moves.

Remember, brand active fourth dimension work solid unit of measurement time. If your children come across yous beingness active, they are to a greater extent than probable to live on to a greater extent than active too.

Looking for to a greater extent than activeness ideas? See the MU Extension publication Play More, Watch Less.

Visit for to a greater extent than data nigh making well for yous choices.

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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