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Myth: Soy Milk Is Nutritionally The Same Every 2D Cow’S Milk.

 Soy milk is made past times crushing soybeans piece moo-cow Myth: Soy milk is nutritionally the same every bit cow’s milk.
Answer: BUSTED!

Soy milk is made past times crushing soybeans piece cow’s milk is produced past times dairy cows as well as retrieved past times the milking process. Soy milk is a keen origin of poly peptide which helps the increment as well as maintenance of torso tissues including organs as well as muscle. However, soy milk differs from cow’s milk inwards that it is depression inwards saturated fatty as well as contains no cholesterol. It is every bit good a origin of fiber (3 grams per cup) which is beneficial to the digestive tract, as well as Fe which helps oxygen go through the blood inwards the body. Soy milk is lower inwards calcium, only it is usually fortified to levels comparable to cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk is every bit good a skilful origin of poly peptide only is to a greater extent than frequently than non higher inwards fatty as well as saturated fatty every bit good every bit beingness a origin of cholesterol. However, you lot tin lower these fats as well as cholesterol past times choosing depression fatty (1%) or fatty gratuitous (skim) milk. Cow’s milk does non incorporate fiber only is a really skilful origin of calcium. Calcium is beneficial inwards edifice salubrious bones as well as teeth as well as helping to trim back the run a jeopardy of osteoporosis.

The major deviation inwards soy as well as cow’s milk is that soy milk is lactose gratuitous which makes it a improve alternative for individuals who cannot tolerate cow’s milk due to allergy or intolerance. Both types of milks tin every bit good hold out fortified to render additional nutrients non usually introduce inwards the milk. Therefore, it is upwardly to the consumer to hold off closely at the labels as well as pick out the type of milk that best fits their private needs.

Additional nutrition data nigh soy tin hold out institute at

Contributors: Kelly Hall, MU Dietetic Intern & Mary Wissmann, MS, RD, LD, Nutrition as well as Health Education Specialist, St. Louis County, University of Missouri Extension,


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