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Myth: Watching Telly Is Nifty For My Child's Health.

 contributes to increasing youth obesity Myth: Watching TV is bang-up for my child's health.
Answer: BUSTED!

Too much covert fourth dimension – watching TV, video games, reckoner fourth dimension – contributes to increasing youth obesity. Youth are spending also much fourth dimension beingness inactive, which is detrimental to their health. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 2010 Henry J. Kaiser Foundation survey establish that children 8-18 years former spent almost 7½ hours each solar daytime using amusement media, 4½ hours watching TV, 1½ hours on the reckoner as well as to a greater extent than than an hr playing video games. It’s a challenge trying to expire our children downwards to the recommended total of ii hours or less a solar daytime of covert time, only it's non impossible! Here are unopen to ideas to expire started:

  • Get together every bit a trouble solid unit of measurement to write a listing of things to create other than watching TV or spending fourth dimension inwards front end of a screen. Post these ideas on the refrigerator. Use National Screen-Free Week, Apr thirty – May 6, every bit a fourth dimension to drive out unopen to of these ideas as well as to figure out how you lot tin dismiss brand these novel options business office of your trouble solid unit of measurement routine.
  • During trouble solid unit of measurement meals, plough off the TV as well as speak almost everyone’s day.
  • Keep TV off when no 1 is watching it. Need unopen to background noise? Turn on the radio.
  • Create an action box as well as pose it past times the door. The action box tin dismiss include boundary ropes, balls as well as everyone’s athletic shoes. This reminds everyone to survive active. Make active fourth dimension trouble solid unit of measurement fourth dimension – walk to the park, bicycle together or see your local farmers’ market.

Looking for to a greater extent than ideas? See the MU Extension publication, Play More, Watch Less.

Visit for to a greater extent than data almost making well for you lot nutrient choices.

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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