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Next Fundamental Chef Number Sunday 5/20

Gil Butler has been working on a telly present called Primal Chef, where he invites local chefs to brand creative dishes from a listing of Paleo ingredients, inwards a designated total of time.  The format is reminiscent of Iron Chef.  The nutrient is judged later on past times figures inwards the Paleo community.  Robb Wolf was a guess on the starting fourth dimension episode.

Gil has invited me to live on a guess on the side past times side show, along alongside Sara Fragoso together with doctor Tim Gerstmar.  The side past times side day, Lord's Day Apr 20th, Gil is organizing a catered Primal Chef effect inwards Seattle, alongside Paleo dinner, speakers, entertainment, prizes, together with a screening of piece of occupation of Paleo Chef episode 1.  You tin sack read the details together with sign upwards here.  I won't live on speaking because I don't accept fourth dimension to position together to a greater extent than or less other utter correct now, only I volition live on tending the event. 


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