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How Bad Is Fructose? David Despain Interviews Dr. Lavatory Sievenpiper

In my article "Is Sugar Fattening?", I discussed a recent review newspaper on fructose, past times physician John Sievenpiper too colleagues (interviewed physician Sievenpiper almost his work.

It's an interesting interview too real timely, due to the recent attending paid to fructose inward the pop media. This has generally been driven past times a couplet of high-profile individuals-- an number they hash out inward the interview.  The interview, recent papers, too sessions at scientific conferences are purpose of an endeavour past times researchers to force dorsum against only about of the less good founded claims that have got received widespread attending lately.

Let me hold upwards clear that I experience strongly that concentrated added saccharide is non healthy-- too this isn't precisely a controversial position.  Sugar is i of the foods that consistently shows upwards correct earlier metabolic/cardiovascular/dental wellness declines dramatically inward industrializing cultures.  But no i eats plainly granulated sugar, because it doesn't gustation real skilful on its own.  We add together it to other foods, reducing nutritional value too increasing liberate energy density, seductiveness, too palatability.  However, none of those problems apply to whole fresh fruit, which is also rich inward fructose too has been eaten inward quantity past times our ancestors for tens of millions of years.  So is fructose actually the primary problem, or is it the overconsumption of low-nutrition refined foods inward general*?

Here's physician Sievenpiper:
We didn't laid out an a priori hypothesis that fructose doesn't practise these things. In fact, our hypothesis would've been "Well, everyone's talking almost it. The beast information is suggestive of an adverse consequence of fructose." If anything, our hypothesis was that there’s going to hold upwards an adverse effect...

We decided to utilisation the aureate measure or highest degree of bear witness inward nutrition or, really, inward most fields -- which is controlled trials; and, inward nutrition, is controlled dietary feeding trials. We wanted to apply the best tools nosotros have, which was systematic review too meta-analyses tools to synthesize that noesis too information to attempt out to respond the enquiry almost really.

Is it true? What nosotros establish was that it wasn't. We looked at bodyweight -- which is the the total interview.

* I'm bespeak this enquiry somewhat rhetorically, but only to hold upwards clear my electrical flow set is that refined fructose too saccharide tin hold upwards problematic inward excess, due to their metabolic consequence to increment visceral fat, cut down insulin sensitivity, crusade lipid abnormalities, too increment blood pressure.  This shows upwards generally inward studies inward which calorie intake increases, but it's of import to recognize that subjects inward these studies weren't ever deliberately overfeeding.  They were sometimes inadvertently overfeeding because they weren't naturally compensating for the calories added to the diet via a large amount of fructose or glucose sweetened beverage.  Although calorie compensation is pitiful regardless of whether a drinkable is sweetened amongst fructose or glucose, the fructose drinkable has to a greater extent than serious adverse metabolic effects.  The practical implication is that if a someone adds 3 sodas to her daily diet, she volition cease upwards consuming to a greater extent than total calories too hold upwards effectively overfeeding, fifty-fifty if she makes no deliberate endeavour to swallow to a greater extent than calories, too so she may inward fact endure only about of the adverse effects of excess fructose that alone emerge inward a hypercaloric context (fat gain, insulin resistance, hypertension, etc.).  Eating whole, fresh fruit should non have got the same consequence because it doesn't Pb to overconsumption inward the context of a normal mixed diet.

** If fructose is fattening due to its mightiness to move fat, too so dietary fatty should hold upwards fifty-fifty to a greater extent than fattening because it doesn't have got to undergo an inefficient conversion process-- it's already fat.


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