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Last October, I participated inward a panel give-and-take organized past times the Harvard Food Law Society inward Boston.  The panel included Drs. Walter Willett, David Ludwig, Robert Lustig, as well as myself, with Corby Kummer equally moderator.  doctor Willett is the chair of the Harvard Department of Nutrition; doctor Ludwig is a professor of nutrition as well as pediatrics at Harvard; doctor Lustig is a professor of clinical pediatrics at UCSF; as well as Kummer is a nutrient author as well as senior editor for The Atlantic

The Food Law Society late posted a video of the discussion, which you lot tin detect previous post.  This was the same coming together at which I gave my TEDx talk, "The American Diet: a Historical Perspective".  It's an informative 17 minutes if you lot haven't seen it.  Many thank you lot to the Food Law Society for inviting me to participate.  The Food Law Society is hosting the Ancestral Health Symposium inward Boston this summer, at which I'll likewise endure speaking.

I likewise did a short interview late alongside Todd Whitthorne, CEO of Cooper Concepts, a partitioning of the Cooper Aerobics Center inward Dallas, which you lot tin detect here.  We talked generally well-nigh obesity as well as nutrient reward.  The Cooper Aerobics Center has been involved in quite a combat of interesting research on the effects of do on health.  Hint: it's expert for you.  Todd is a overnice guy as well as his enthusiasm is contagious.


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