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Myth: To Protect Myself From Foodborne Disease Caused Past Times Fresh Produce, 1 Tin Switch To Local Or Organic In Addition To 1 Won’T Kicking The Bucket Sick.

Answer: BUSTED!

Any fruit or vegetable (local, organic or conventional) tin teach dangerous if it comes inwards contact amongst disease-causing bacteria on its agency to your table. Contamination tin last caused past times many factors including worker hygiene together with sanitation practices during production, harvesting, sorting, packing together with transport; the origin together with lineament of water; together with company creature waste matter from wild, domesticated or farm animals.

People ofttimes purchase organic or local attain to avoid around pesticides, back upward smaller farms, together with back upward farming practices that are less harmful to the environment. These are all valid reasons, only several studies receive got shown organic or local attain won’t necessarily protect yous from foodborne illness, a mutual misconception.

 tin teach dangerous if it comes inwards contact amongst illness Myth: To protect myself from foodborne illness caused past times fresh produce, I tin switch to local or organic together with I won’t teach sick.
You tin receive got steps to protect yourself from foodborne illness past times washing all produce earlier eating together with avoiding cross-contamination past times thoroughly washing your hands.

Click here for to a greater extent than data on eating local inwards Missouri.

Contributor: Mary Wissmann, MS, RD, LD, Nutrition together with Health Education Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 314-615-2911


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