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Calories Withal Matter

The Centers for Disease Control's NHANES surveys documented a massive increment inwards obesity inwards the U.S.A. betwixt the 1960-62 together with 2007-2008 survey periods (1).  In 1960, thirteen portion of U.S.A. adults were obese, spell inwards 2008 that lay out had risen to 34 percent.  The prevalence of extreme obesity increased from 0.9 to 6.0 portion over the same fourth dimension period!

Something has changed, but what?  Well, the most parsimonious explanation is that we're merely eating more.  Here is a graph I created of our calorie intake (green) overlaid on a graph of obesity prevalence (blue) betwixt 1970 together with 2008:

As you lot tin see, the represent is extraordinary.  For those who may banking venture complaint that calorie intake appears to increment afterwards obesity, I direct keep to betoken out that the calorie intake graph has a betoken for each year, spell the obesity graph has no points betwixt 1978 together with 1991.  Therefore, all nosotros know is that obesity began to climb at or together with hence betoken betwixt the 1976-1980 together with 1988-1994 survey periods.  This is consistent amongst obesity existence a effect of increased calorie intake. 

The careful operate of Dr. Eric Ravussin together with colleagues, based on what nosotros know almost the human relationship betwixt calorie intake together with torso fat, has shown that the increment inwards calorie intake over the concluding xl years tin single-handedly explicate the increment inwards obesity inwards this province (Seduced past times Food: Obesity together with the Human Brain". 

The inquiry remains, why are nosotros eating to a greater extent than calories today than nosotros used to?  The answer is related to increased availability together with consumption of energy-dense, seductive together with palatable foods, including sweetened beverages, together with advertising that makes us crave them (4).  However, zilch almost human physiology or conduct is simple, together with every bit ever there's to a greater extent than to the story.

In futurity posts, I'll explore inwards to a greater extent than especial why nosotros eat.  From this seat of knowledge, based on the operate of many outstanding researchers, I intend it volition endure fairly clear why nosotros swallow to a greater extent than today than nosotros used to. 



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