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Passing The American Board Of Internal Medicine Moc

I took the American Board of Internal Medicine maintenance of certification exam on Apr 25, 2012. On June 26, 2012 the board notified me yesteryear email that I passed the written test, the in conclusion step.

I started the whole physical care for June 30, 2010, yesteryear paying for the $1570 fee to the ABIM too began to produce the self study too practise evaluation modules. I was able to produce the self guided modules on the website pretty easily spell working total time, but I'm non certain they were that valuable, since completing them only required a multiple choice exam that I did spell looking for specific answers. I justice that is pretty similar to how I solve academic problems for my practice, but I don't intend the information sunk inwards equally good well. The best self study module was a totally self guided i inwards which I asked questions equally they arose amongst my patients too afterward went dorsum too constitute resources to reply them too described the process.

The biggest hurdle for me was the Practice Improvement Module which required that I survey a unwrap of my patients regarding what they noticed nearly my practice. I chose preventive care, too then they responded to questions nearly that addition full general questions nearly how they were treated. This was fourth dimension consuming too a picayune fighting disruptive, but genuinely inwards a expert way, too I ended upward reviewing quite a fighting of fabric nearly recommended screening procedures too looking at what form of information they were based on, too genuinely paid attending to the controversies that arose during that fourth dimension nearly changes inwards recommendations. This slice took perchance iii months.

When I had completed the required self study too practise improvement modules the board notified me that I could direct maintain the test. I scheduled that, at a testing take in non equally good far away, too took an update CME (which I described inwards a previous weblog inwards gory detail.) I also signed upward for the MKSAP (the medical noesis self assessment program) which was fantabulous too genuinely sunk inwards well, but was real fourth dimension consuming to do right. This is equally it should be, since it does direct maintain fourth dimension to endure inwards a whole mongo ton of information into my brain. I was glad I was doing hospitalist work, though, too then I could direct maintain large blocks of fourth dimension off to study.

The exam was long, but non horrendously arduous, too seemed fair. I also wrote nearly this inwards a dissever blog too then I won't belabor it.

The in conclusion scores were reported differently than when I took the exam twenty years ago, but I'm thinking I did nearly equally well. I missed twenty out of a total of 180 questions which set me inwards the top 10 per centum of people taking the test. That's good, inwards a way, but also a picayune horrifying since all of those questions were things I likely should direct maintain known, too 90% or to a greater extent than of the people qualifying to direct maintain the exam larn to a greater extent than wrong. About 70% of exam takers pass, too the standardized passing grade was 366. Mine was 651. I'm non certain how they calculate the standardized scores, but it form of looks similar yous could larn almost one-half of them incorrect too nevertheless pass. Some of the questions I got incorrect I mightiness direct maintain argued that a reasonable doc would disagree amongst the chosen answer, but around I likely only didn't know.

So I passed. Yay! I intend I volition likely brand a betoken of doing the MKSAP equally a form of regular matter too then I volition proceed upward to engagement on the broad too wonderful torso of noesis that is internal medicine.


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