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After a one-year delay, my speak from the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium is online with slides synched.  The speak is titled "Obesity: Old Solutions for a New Problem", as well as it's an overview of approximately of the inquiry linking nutrient vantage to nutrient intake as well as trunk fatness.  This is the speak that introduced a fundamentally novel thought to the ancestral community: non solely does the chemic composition of nutrient matter, but besides its sensory qualities-- inwards fact, the sensory qualities of nutrient are with the primary determinants of nutrient intake.  I didn't come upwards up with the thought of course, I only translated the inquiry for a to a greater extent than full general audience as well as seat my ain evolutionary spin on it.

The speak would hold out a chip unlike if I were to give it today, equally my agreement of the dependent area has expanded, as well as my speaking skills conduct keep improved.  However, the key message remains equally truthful today equally it was a twelvemonth ago.  You tin discovery the speak here.

The slide synching was done past times an extremely generous human named Ben Fury.  As you lot tin encounter inwards the video, he did an splendid job.  Without Ben, this video would conduct keep remained inwards cyberspace limbo forever.

Below, I've published a message from Ben explaining the interesting operate that he does.  Please contact him if you lot intend it's interesting.

A Message from Ben Fury

I was writing a majority on health, fitness as well as diet inwards 2009 when my solid burned downwards in the Station Fire, along with 165,000 acres of my love Angeles National Forest. Since then, I've had a serial of people needing help come upwards through my life, that conduct keep upgraded as well as morphed my talents...

Seniors with chronic pain, falls, brittle bones, as well as rigid shrunken muscles.
Diabetics with out of command blood sugars, going blind, as well as having limbs lopped off.
Neurologically challenged people with spastic limbs as well as foggy brains.
Fat, listless, unhappy people with no thought how they got that way, seeing no means out of the darkness.
Each of them needing help inwards unlike ways, but all with an underlying topic of what plant to help heal our conditions:
  •     Remove flour, sugar, beans, as well as heavily processed oils from our diet. Eat existent food.
  •     Get strong.
  •     Get flexible.
  •     Stop ceding wellness responsibleness to exterior forces, as well as conduct keep accuse of our ain wellness.
  •     Only utilisation genuinely evidence based medicine. Don't exactly popular the latest pill or acquire the latest operation all the other people are doing. Be wary of the illness mongers inwards both the conventional as well as option camps.
  •     Find our "happy thoughts." Use the uncomplicated restoratives of sleep, play, as well as reflection, to permit become of pain, discovery inner peace, as well as permit inwards joy as well as purposeful outer direction.
The methods to plow over these goals are varied, as well as I conduct keep both non-profit as well as for-profit ventures to part them.
Their websites are currently inwards development.
The for-profit is
The non-profit is , whose mission contestation is:

To movement beyond hurting management...
and larn to alive hurting free.

Feel gratuitous to write to me  at:
 ben [at] benfury point com



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