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Lorcaserin: The Latest Fda-Approved Obesity Drug

The FDA of late approved a novel drug called lorcaserin (brand holler Belviq) for the handling of obesity.  Lorcaserin causes an average of thirteen lbs (5.8 kg) of weight loss over a year, compared to five lbs (2.2 kg) for placebo (1), which is less than the other of late approved drug Qsymia (formerly Qnexa; topiramate/phentermine).

Learning almost obesity drugs is ever a skillful chance to arrive at insight into the mechanisms that underlie the evolution together with reversal of obesity.  If you've been next this weblog for a while, y'all already receive got a pretty skillful estimate what organ this novel drug acts on.  Make your estimate together with read on!

Lorcaserin acts inwards the brain, similar most other obesity drugs.  In fact, I would enjoin this drug is 1 of the most straightforward of all of them.  It stimulates a specific neurotransmitter receptor, the serotonin 2C receptor, which is expressed inwards several encephalon regions.  In particular, this receptor is expressed inwards the hypothalamus, inwards a key population of cells called POMC neurons.  The hypothalamus is the key regulator of torso fatness, together with POMC neurons suppress nutrient intake together with lower obese volume when activated (2).  POMC neurons limited serotonin 2C receptors, together with activating them amongst serotonin, lorcaserin, or other drugs suppresses nutrient intake together with causes obese loss.   Research inwards mice has shown that POMC neuron signaling is required for the effects of similar drugs, suggesting that they deed through this pathway (3, 4).

POMC neurons are an of import purpose of the organisation that regulates torso fatness inwards humans, exactly at that spot are a unwrap of other neuron populations that are equally good of import (including the of late characterized NOS1 neurons, which appear to endure real important; 5).  Under normal circumstances, POMC neurons answer to circulating leptin, ghrelin, obese acids, together with other indicators of torso release energy status, using these signals to ease nutrient intake, release energy expenditure together with obese storage.  Lorcaserin bypasses this together with stimulates POMC neurons directly, lowering nutrient intake together with the torso obese "setpoint".  It is genuinely amazing that stimulating a few hundred tiny neurons inwards the hypothalamus tin sack receive got a pregnant resultant on nutrient intake together with torso fatness.  These neurons all together could stand upward for on the caput of a pin.



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