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A Belatedly Summertime Harvest

It's been a expert twelvemonth for gardening inwards Seattle, at to the lowest degree inwards my garden.  Thanks to bully novel tools* too Steve Solomon's recipe for homemade fertilizer, my identify has been swimming inwards home-grown vegetables all summer.  I'm fortunate that a friend lets me garden a 300 foursquare human foot plot behind her house.  Here's a photograph of business office of today's harvest; diverse kale/collards, zucchini, tomatoes too the terminal of the pole beans:

Perfect for the Eocene diet.  

It's no clandestine that I similar potatoes, specially growing them.  Potatoes are a lot of fun to grow, too they're to a greater extent than productive than whatever other garden crop inwards damage of calories harvested per expanse of land.  My friends know that if they only don't encourage me, I'll eventually halt talking almost my potatoes.  Last year, my potatoes did poorly, too I had to endure the indignity of driving past times Western Washington's lush murphy fields every few weeks on my agency to Anacortes, too then I was determined to hold out the Scrooge McDuck of potatoes this year.

With potatoes, you lot never know what you're going to larn until they come upward out of the ground-- that's the excitement too anxiety of it.  The flavour is over, the vines induce got all died back, too you'll either notice a profusion of large circular tubers, seemingly floating unattached to anything inwards the soil roughly them, or you'll notice a bunch of runted grape-sized nuggets barely gibe for a snack. Here's what my garden fork dug upward from almost a quarter of my murphy beds this year:

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 five-gallon bucket 2/3 total amongst russet potatoes-- almost fifteen lbs.  Not bad.  They gustation amend than their parents did.  Must hold out the terroir.  Next up: Yukon Golds. 

Gardening inwards Seattle has its advantages too disadvantages.  The primary disadvantage is that it doesn't larn hot plenty to grow heat-loving crops well.  I grow tomatoes (see above), but generally carmine tomatoes too they didn't actually commencement producing until almost 3 weeks ago.  The primary wages is that it doesn't larn really mutual depression temperature inwards the winter, too then it's possible to garden year-round.  In particular, hardy greens similar kale, collards, cabbage too arugula overwinter well.  This year, nosotros planted an unreasonable amount of kale too collards, too then we'll hold out dining on them all winter. 

* Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 precipitous scuffle hoe past times Rogue Hoes, a precipitous Japanese manus hoe, too burlap sacks every bit weed-suppressing mulch.  These induce got most of the operate out of weeding.



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