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More Thoughts On Macronutrient Trends

I had a brief positive telephone substitution alongside Gary Taubes most the NuSI post.  He reminded me that there's an artifact (measurement error) inward the USDA information on fatty consumption inward the twelvemonth 2000 when they changed assessment methods.  Here are the USDA information on macronutrient consumption since 1970, corrected for loss (28.8%) but non corrected for the artifact:
The information propose an increment inward fatty consumption, although I didn't brand that claim inward the concluding shipping service because I'm aware of the limitations of the dataset.  What I wrote is that the information don't back upwards a decrease inward fatty consumption, which is accurate.

Looking at the graph above, you lot tin run across the abrupt increment inward fatty consumption inward 2000.  I corrected the information for this artifact inward the graph below: 
When you lot right for the artifact, the information demo rattling footling alter inward fatty consumption betwixt 1970 as well as 2006 (small increase).  This is consistent alongside NHANES survey data, which likewise demo essentially no alter (slight decrease).  Each dataset has its ain limitations, but I prefer the USDA information for most things because they're yearly, to a greater extent than detailed, as well as to a greater extent than accessible.

Here's a graph of macronutrient intake since 1909, adjusted for loss as well as the artifact inward 2000:

The information from the get-go decade or thus are somewhat sketchy because they were estimated retrospectively.  The character of the information amend progressively from the early on 1920s through 1940, every bit to a greater extent than commodities were tracked.

The graph suggests that fatty consumption has gradually increased over the concluding century (+ 30%), refined saccharify consumption has decreased as well as and thus rebounded (currently - 6%), as well as poly peptide consumption has increased modestly (+ 10%).

The modern "obesity epidemic" began inward earnest betwixt the 1976-1980 as well as 1988-1994 NHANES increase inward calorie intake.  According to the adjusted data, this increment was 350 calories per twenty-four hr catamenia since 1970.  65 portion of the increment inward calories tin hold out attributed to carbohydrate, 24 portion tin hold out attributed to fat, as well as eleven portion to protein.

The excess refined saccharify as well as fatty came to a greater extent than oftentimes than non from processed refined foods such every bit sweetened soda as well as processed snacks.  

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