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Food Vantage Fridays

Each Friday, I'm going to postal service a motion painting of a modern nutrient in addition to hence ridiculous it makes you lot desire to express joy in addition to shout out at the same time.  I'm doing this for ii reasons:
  1. To heighten awareness close the unhealthy, fattening foods that are taking over global nutrient culture.  These are highly rewarding, highly palatable, energy-dense foods that drive people to swallow inward the absence of hunger, in addition to proceed eating beyond calorie needs.  In many cases, the foods convey been specifically designed to maximize "craveability" in addition to palatability.
  2. Because it's funny.
Without farther ado... the root lucky winner:

The Lady's Brunch Burger

Yes, that is what it looks like: a bacon egg hamburger alongside donuts instead of buns.  It was popularized past times "Southern food" TV chef Paula Deen, who forthwith has diabetes.  Go figure!

If you lot convey a nutrient inward heed that you lot intend is worthy of Food Reward Fridays, delight function past times it along!



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