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Photos In Addition To To A Greater Extent Than Gardening

I've needed novel professional person together with spider web log photos for a long time.  My friend Adam Roe was inward town recently, together with he happens to endure professional person photographer, together with thus he graciously offered to snap a few shots.  Despite less than ideal conditions, he did an outstanding job.  Here's a larger version of the photograph on my profile (which Blogger shrinks downward to a tiny thumbnail):

To run into to a greater extent than of Adam's work, caput over to his Facebook page, together with don't forget to 'like' together with part it if you lot relish it.  Adam is currently based inward Berlin.

Gardening Update

Here's a photograph of today's harvest (taken yesteryear me, non Adam; you lot tin say yesteryear the piteous focus together with primitive lighting):

The garden is winding downward together with I'm gradually doing my autumn harvest.  From left to right, Yukon Gold potatoes, Delicata squash, Blue Lake together with Helda pole beans, together with assorted tomatoes.

I planted my Yukon Golds also belatedly inward the flavor (end of June) together with thus my yields are mediocre.  Still, I'll in all likelihood care to larn 15-20 lbs from that bed.  Potatoes are fun to grow, together with they produce good hither inward the cool maritime Northwest.

The Delicata wintertime crush did fairly well.  All told, I'll halt upwards harvesting 16, 1-2 lb squash.  We're fairly express inward the varieties of crush nosotros tin grow hither due to the cool growing season, exactly Delicatas tend to produce good because they're an early on maturing C. pepo variety.  They also sense of savour great.  If anyone else has a wintertime crush multifariousness they've had luck amongst inward the maritime Northwest, delight part inward the comments.  Also, I'm interested to take away heed readers' opinions on my yield.  Each found yielded betwixt iii together with five crush (4 average).  I receive got no thought if that's a practiced yield or not-- I suspect it's on the depression side.  Thoughts?

My pole beans are inward the middle of an impressive 2nd flush.  The Helda romano-type beans are vigorous growers together with yield beans before inward the flavor than the Blue Lake variety, despite beingness a larger pod.  The Heldas receive got performed admirably, together with they sense of savour great, exactly goose egg beats the flavor together with texture of fresh picked Blue Lake pole beans.  They receive got a super tender, sweetness beany-ness that far surpasses anything I've e'er gotten from the grocery shop or fifty-fifty the farmer's market.  I similar to boil them for most ii minutes, drain the H2O together with toss them amongst olive oil, tabular array salt together with freshly footing dark pepper.

I'm inward the procedure of "putting my garden to bed" for the winter.  That agency planting comprehend crops (winter rye, crimson clover together with hairy vetch) together with preparing the beds for a practiced Interbay mulch!  The Interbay mulch technique was invented hither inward Seattle, together with is done yesteryear placing organic thing direct on the garden beds, roofing amongst burlap, together with allowing it to compost all winter.  In the spring, hypothetically, you lot halt upwards amongst a beautiful fluffy bed, amount of organic matter, nutrients together with earthworms.  It also helps suppress weeds.  I'm trying a twist on the technique: I planted comprehend crops early, together with I'll endure cutting them downward together with incorporating them into the mulch at the halt of October.  I'm trying it for the showtime fourth dimension this twelvemonth because my beds demand to a greater extent than organic matter.  We'll run into how it goes, exactly I'm expecting an epic flavor side yesteryear side year...

In the meantime, I'll endure saving a packet on greens this wintertime because I planted winter-hardy collards, kale together with arugula.  These are closed to of the best coin savers hither inward the maritime Northwest because they grow similar weeds.  Every fourth dimension nosotros purchase a bunch of organic greens at the store, nosotros pay $2.50 or $3.00 for it, together with nosotros swallow a lot of greens.  Over the course of didactics of the year, nosotros relieve at to the lowest degree $100 inward greens alone.  The greens that come upwards from my garden also sense of savour amend than what nosotros larn at the store.



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