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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky winner... the Hardee's MONSTER THICKBURGER!

Two 1/3 lb beef patties, 4 strips of bacon, 3 slices of American "cheese", mayo in addition to bun.  This bad man child boasts 1,300 calories, 830 from fat, 188 from saccharide in addition to 228 from protein.  Charred in addition to fried processed meat, imitation cheese, refined soybean stone oil mayo, in addition to a white flour bun. You powerfulness every bit good but inject it straight into your carotid artery.  Add a large fries in addition to a medium coke, in addition to you're at 2,110 calories.  Who's hungry?  Actually I am.  

Hardee's has decided non to vanquish some the bush alongside salads in addition to other such salubrious nonsense.  Why?  Because people tell they wish them, but no i buys them.  Low calorie density, unrefined, uncomplicated natural foods are bad for the bottom line.  Huge, calorie-dense burgers alongside bacon in addition to tasty sauces, advertised on the roadside in addition to on TV, brand people push clit into Hardee's in addition to opened upwardly their wallets.  Here's a quote from Hardee's CEO Andrew Puzder (via MSNBC):
"This is a burger for immature hungry guys who wish a actually big, delicious, juicy, decadent burger," he said. "I promise our competitors croak along promoting those salubrious products, in addition to nosotros volition croak along promoting our big, juicy delicious burgers."
This is hilarious in addition to disturbing, but I produce admire his honesty.  Pudzer has clearly grasped the magic of nutrient reward-- it's in addition to then powerful it tin trump a person's concern for his health, but every bit gambling or drug vantage tin trump a person's concern for his finances or health.  He fifty-fifty skillfully used linguistic communication inward the interview that triggers the wish to consume his burgers, turning the interview into an effective marketing tool.  Hardee's strategy of maxim au revoir to wellness foods in addition to focusing on highly rewarding calorie-dense items has been quite skillful for business.



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