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Food Vantage Friday

This week's winner: poutine!

While non every bit appetizing looking every bit the Monster Thickburger, poutine is in all probability to a greater extent than popular.  For those who aren't familiar, poutine is a large plate of French fries, topped amongst gravy as well as cheese curds.  It originated inwards Quebec, only has kicking the bucket pop throughout Canada as well as inwards the Northern US.

Poutine shows that hyper-rewarding, hyperpalatable junk nutrient doesn't bring to hold upwards corporate.  It too comes from restaurants as well as fifty-fifty our ain homes.

Poutine is oftentimes consumed belatedly at nighttime field inebriated.  Alcohol facilitates misfortunate nutrient choices past times increasing impulsiveness as well as mayhap too hunger.  When drunk, people don't kicking the bucket for celery sticks as well as hummus-- they kicking the bucket for the close energy-dense, highly palatable nutrient available.  It's interesting that ane would truly hold upwards to a greater extent than inclined to eat later consuming hundreds of excess calories from alcohol, only it is a fact.  In Seattle, a large unwrap of belatedly nighttime hot domestic dog vendors brand a living off this phenomenon past times setting upwards exterior bars.



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