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Myth: It Is Okay To Set An Overweight Nipper On A Diet.

Answer: BUSTED!

If your kid is overweight, the solution is non to bound calories. Putting children on restrictive diets or forcing them into intense do programs can, inwards many cases, produce to a greater extent than impairment than good. Children are chop-chop growing in addition to developing their skeletal structure. By choosing to bound calories, to a greater extent than or less children may non railroad train their amount os in addition to musculus mass. It is advisable non to pose your kid on a diet, peculiarly without consulting your doctor. Educating your kid to brand wise nutrient choices in addition to to increase their physical activeness marking volition assistance accomplish lifelong wellness in addition to fitness.

 the solution is non to bound calories Myth: It is okay to pose an overweight kid on a diet.
Involve kids inwards nutrient prep & teach inwards fun!
You tin assistance your kid to keep a salubrious weight past times next these few tips:
  • Be active past times playing together.
  • Make identify unit of measurement mealtimes a special fourth dimension together.
  • Save fast nutrient for a treat.
  • Serve fruits in addition to vegetables creatively.
  • Drink milk amongst meals in addition to H2O amongst snacks.
  • Set salubrious limits on covert amusement similar boob tube in addition to video games.
  • Get kids inwards the kitchen.

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Contributor: Damaris Karanja, MA, Nutrition in addition to Health Education Specialist, St. Louis County, University of Missouri Extension,


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