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Myth: There’S No Fourth Dimension To Move Active During The Holidays.

Answer: BUSTED!

And together with hence it begins, the holidays together with also many opportunities to eat…and sit, sit, sit. Think it’s hopeless to drive to endure active during the holidays? Not so. Here are some tips to attention yous endure to a greater extent than active:
  1. Start a novel vacation tradition that focuses on fun together with beingness active, rather than food. Walk earlier the vacation repast or subsequently or both! For some people, action reduces their hunger. Instead of driving or together with hence the neighborhood to persuasion vacation decorations – walk or together with hence the neighborhood! Is shopping travel of your vacation tradition? Include a mall walk every bit travel of your action for the day.

  2. Engineer your environment. What does this mean? Change your abode surroundings together with hence that physical action cues abound. Have sneakers together with toys that promote physical action such every bit balls together with fountain ropes inward a house where yous run across them every twenty-four hr menstruum every bit a reminder to endure active regularly. I proceed my sneakers inward obviously sight – a reminder for me to retrieve nearly how I tin endure active each together with every day.

  3. Think of novel ways to add together action during the holidays. Watching a lot of TV? Get upward together with motion or trip the lite fantastic during the commercials. Bad atmospheric condition keeping yous indoors? Get some lite scarves or balloons – throw them upward inward the air or play indoor volleyball amongst them. Walk the dog. Try a novel workout video. Find to a greater extent than vacation physical action data together with well for yous eating tips at
 the holidays together with also many opportunities to swallow Myth: There’s no fourth dimension to endure active during the holidays.

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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