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The Spud Diet

In 2010, I wrote a serial of spider web log posts on the wellness properties of potatoes (1, 2, 3).  The evidence showed that potatoes are non-toxic, filling per calorie, remarkably nutritious, together with tin last eaten equally almost the sole root of nutrition for extended periods of fourth dimension (though I'm non recommending this).  Traditional South American cultures such equally the Quechua together with Aymara receive got eaten potatoes equally the major root of calories for generations without whatever apparent sick effects (3).  This is specially interesting since potatoes are 1 of the highest glycemic together with most insulin-stimulating foods known.

Potatoes look non to displace fatty gain, together with inward fact oftentimes displace fatty loss together with better metabolic wellness inward people who are overweight.  The Washington Potato Commissioner Chris Voigt illustrated this inward his ii calendar month potato-only diet, during which he lost twenty lbs together with greatly improved his metabolic together with cardiovascular biomarkers without feeling hungry.  I interviewed Mr. Voigt together with gave my thoughts inward a serial of posts (4, 5).  Some people objected that Mr. Voigt may non receive got been impartial since he had an involvement inward making potatoes facial expression good.  Although my gut feeling was ever that he was existence straightforward almost his experience, it's notwithstanding a reasonable concern.

This year, a fascinating thread appeared inward the Mark's Daily Apple forum.  Apparently inspired past times an central alongside Ray Cronise, somebody decided to occur a Irish Gaelic patato diet together with began losing weight apace (6).  The thread snowballed equally other people joined inward together with industrial plant life that they were also losing weight apace on the Irish Gaelic patato diet (potatoes, sometimes alongside a modest amount of added fat).  It is worth noting that most of these people were coming from a primal-style low-carbohydrate diet*.  As of correct now, the thread has 104 pages.

People receive got proposed explanations for this phenomenon, together with but about receive got been amusing, such equally the endeavour to explicate the resultant via the insulin-obesity hypothesis.

Those of yous who followed my writing on nutrient vantage together with "why nosotros eat" volition sympathise that fatty loss is just what 1 would await from a diet similar this, together with inward fact the diet echoes the recommendations I published inward 2011 for using nutrient vantage equally a fatty loss tool (7).  The Irish Gaelic patato diet works because:
  1. Potatoes receive got a depression calorie density together with a high satiety value per calorie.  
  2. Eating a diet that is composed almost entirely of 1 nutrient is depression inward reward, low-moderate palatability, depression inward variety, together with has a high sensory-specific satiety.  Even if yous clothes upwards your potatoes equally good equally yous can, you're silent eating potatoes.  This tends to cut back calorie intake.
  3. Potatoes are nutritious plenty (including consummate protein) that they tin last the sole root of calories for an extended menses of time.  However, they are non a consummate root of all micronutrients together with deficiencies volition eventually arise.
I don't recommend going on a potato-only diet.  However, it is a really interesting example of but about cardinal dietary principles.

* For the record, I'm non implying that the Primal Blueprint or other reduced-carbohydrate Paleo type approaches are fattening.  It is a fact that PB together with similar approaches receive got helped many people lose fatty together with larn healthier, together with volition move along to create so.



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