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Comment Policy

The nature of the Internet is that comments sections are rowdy places.  But ultimately I produce bring command over my corner of the world, as well as I holler back to exert it to keep a higher degree of data character as well as decorum.  Here are my criteria for deciding whether or non a comment volition travel published:
  1. Value.  Comments should travel good idea out, as well as points supported yesteryear enquiry or at to the lowest degree corporation logic.  Personal anecdotes are welcome equally long equally they aren't over-interpreted.  Thoughtful questions are equally good welcome, although I can't guarantee I'll respond them.  As always, anyone is gratuitous to disagree alongside me inward a constructive manner, or but offering a intelligence of support.  
  2. Respect.  Comments should travel respectful to me as well as other commenters, as well as composed inward a concise manner.  It isn't hard to disagree inward a respectful way.
  3. On topic.  Comments should travel at to the lowest degree somewhat relevant to the dependent area of the post.
  4. Full name.  Attaching your amount cite to a comment way taking responsibleness for what y'all write.  I'll decease on to lay out anonymous comments if they add together value, but I'll travel to a greater extent than probable to lay out if y'all include your amount cite inward your enshroud name, your profile, or at the bottom of your comment.
  5. No ads.  I volition non lay out links to commercial sites that produce non add together value to the discussion, nor volition I lay out whatever other link I notice objectionable.
Because I'll travel moderating, I've decided to take the captcha intelligence authentication, which many people works life hard to use.  We'll encounter how that goes.  Since I bring a lot on my plate, as well as is a one-man show, I may non ever moderate comments inward a timely manner.  I apologize inward advance for the inconvenience.  



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