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Myth: In That Place Are Also Many Things At Dwelling Together With Last That Promote Unhealthy Nutrient Choices Or Sitting Also Much.

Answer: This may live TRUE, but...

You tin sack modify your habitation or share environs as well as then that you lot are surrounded yesteryear reminders to brand healthier nutrient choices or conk to a greater extent than active.

  • Make your glove compartment or desk drawer into a good for you lot snack box. Keep a small-scale packet of almonds, a container of applesauce or a small-scale plastic pocketbook of whole-grain cereal handy as well as then you lot accomplish for these good for you lot snacks instead of driving to the nearest fast-food drive-thru. Not plenty room inwards the glove compartment or at your desk? Pack a small-scale cardboard box alongside good for you lot snacks as well as conk on it inwards the dorsum spot of your car.

  • Download a mindfulness bell for your desktop or larn a gratuitous mindfulness bell/meditation timer mobile app for your mobile device. These applications assistance you lot fix bells that chime every hour, reminding you lot to larn upwards as well as stimulate got a curt walk. Type "mindfulness bell" or "meditation timer" inwards your search engine to uncovering gratuitous examples as well as downloads.

  • Planning your side yesteryear side day’s appointments? Be certain to add together a walking engagement alongside yourself to your mobile device’s calendar or listing of things to do. This volition ensure that you lot stimulate got the fourth dimension to add together walking to your schedule.

  • Reduce the amount of fourth dimension you lot pass sitting at home. Stand upwards as well as walk some when you lot are on the phone.

  • Keep good for you lot snacks similar cut-up veggies inwards clear containers correct upwards front end as well as then you lot encounter them when opening the refrigerator. Keep other foods inwards opaque containers as well as then you lot can’t easily encounter what is inwards the containers.

  • Keep a bowl of fresh fruit out on the kitchen counter. It volition remind you lot to accomplish for fresh fruit for a snack.

Go to for to a greater extent than data well-nigh good for you lot eating as well as becoming to a greater extent than active.

Contributor: Ellen Schuster, M.S., R.D., Associate State Specialist, University of Missouri Extension,, 573-882-1933


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