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Food Vantage Friday

This week's "winner"... the Banana Split!

Whoever invented the banana split, I desire to milk shiver that guy's hand.  Or gal.  This irresistible combination of H2O ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, crushed nuts, whipped cream, as well as maraschino cherries packs upward to 1,000 calories, 350 from fat, 560 from carbohydrate (some of it lactose), as well as 48 from protein.

Individually, the principal ingredients inward a banana carve upward tin give notice hold upward purpose of a salubrious diet inward moderation (bananas, cream, nuts, chocolate, fifty-fifty a petty flake of sugar).  Add them together, as well as you lot convey something then irresistible it tin give notice atomic number 82 to substantial overeating, fifty-fifty right away afterward a sum meal.  A few bites of a banana carve upward isn't going to wound you.  But who tin give notice terminate afterward exclusively a few bites?  I sure can't.


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