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How To Brand Your Ain Ultrasound Gel (Which Is Too Sterile As Well As Edible As Well As Environmentally Friendly) **Updated--New Recipe**

I direct keep been doing lots of bedside ultrasound lately as well as realized how useful it would live inward areas far off the beaten rails similar Haiti, for instance. With a bedside ultrasound (mine fits inward my pocket) I could diagnose ticker disease, kidney as well as gallbladder problems, diverse cancers every bit good every bit lung as well as intestinal diseases. Then I realized that I would direct keep to accept a whole bunch of ultrasound gel alongside me which would hateful that I would direct keep to cheque luggage, which is a existent hurting when traveling lite to a house where luggage disappears. I heard that you lot tin utilization water, or spit, inward a pinch, or fifty-fifty lotion, though petroleum based coupling media evidently interruption downward the surface of the transducer. Or, of course, you lot tin simply utilization ultrasound gel.

Ultrasound requires an aqueous interface betwixt the transducer as well as the peel or else all you lot run into is black. Ultrasound gel is a clear goo, looks similar pilus gel or aloe vera, as well as is made past times several companies out of diverse combinations of propylene glycol, glycerine, perfume, dyes, phenoxyethanol or carbapol R 940 polymer along alongside lots of water. It is difficult to abide by this information, but it is available inward the fabric information security sheets for the diverse companies that brand it. The recipes are proprietary. Ultrasound gel is non super expensive, but it is non that tardily to abide by inward a store or inward a developing country. It costs nearly $25 for v liters on Amazon, or $5 for a overnice 8.7 oz crush bottle. It smells always thus slightly medicinal as well as leaves a sticky, thus dry out white residual every bit it dries.

There should genuinely live simply about sort of pulverisation that you lot mix upwards alongside H2O that makes ultrasound gel thus nosotros don't direct keep to live transportation the H2O business office of it, which is undoubtedly nearly 99% of the contents, long distances. But in that location isn't a powder. I direct keep been looking. No instant ultrasound gel.

With a mixture of optimism as well as singularity of utilization I went to the kitchen as well as tried out six dissimilar recipes for an aqueous goo that would transmit audio waves. I view that I could brand ultrasound jam out of H2O as well as pectin, but that doesn't genuinely work. Obviously in that location is something magic nearly fruit that makes pectin gel, mayhap the acid or the sugar. Without fruit, fifty-fifty no-sugar pectin becomes nearly the consistency of spit. (I also tried spit, which does work, but has diverse obvious drawbacks.) I tried champaign gelatin as well as H2O as well as got beautiful clear jello, which falls off the transducer, but sort of works, but is also messy. I tried corn starch as well as water, every bit if making extremely tedious gravy. That was lovely as well as white, but the H2O wants to come upwards out of it thus it simply slides off the transducer. I tried tapioca flour which I boiled alongside water, producing a overnice clear, really mucoid gel which dries similar gum on the peel as well as is really uncomfortable. I tried xanthan gum, a bacterial polysaccharide used to bind as well as thicken, boiled as well as cooled, as well as although it thickens the H2O it is slimy as well as falls off the transducer as well as makes a mess.

The recipe that worked (and worked great) is guar gum, common salt as well as water. Guar gum has been used for a really long fourth dimension inward countries similar Republic of Republic of India as well as Islamic Republic of Pakistan to thicken nutrient as well as is straight off used oft past times people who can't consume gluten, to thicken gravies as well as brand breads. Guar gum is the solid soil endosperm of the guar bean, which is really rich inward a saccharide that avidly absorbs water. Guar beans are also eaten greenish as well as the pods are used every bit a vegetable ingredient subsequently shelling out the beans. Guar gum is available inward the flour department of many grocery stores as well as costs nearly $10 for a 220 gram bag. It is purported to live adept for diarrhea, constipation, diabetes as well as lowering cholesterol. It has been added to baby subway scheme feed formula inward intensive attention units to decrease stool frequency.

I messed alongside the recipe awhile as well as came upwards alongside a really overnice slightly caramel tinged ultrasound gel this way:

1. Mix 2 teaspoons of guar gum alongside 1-2 teaspoons of salt. (The sum of common salt isn't vitally of import since it is simply added to go along the guar gum from clumping. Using slightly less than a teaspoon of common salt per 2 cups makes a gel alongside which is isotonic, which would live ideal for utilization close eyes or other mucus membranes or on opened upwards wounds).

2. Boil ii cups of water.

3. Slowly sprinkle the guar gum/salt mixture into the boiling H2O piece stirring vigorously alongside a fork or whisk.

4. Boil for nearly 1-2 minutes until thick as well as good mixed.

5. Cool earlier using. Save lives.

This is wonderful ultrasound gel (see photograph above). I tried it as well as it works at to the lowest degree every bit good every bit the proprietary stuff, as well as in all likelihood doesn't dry out out quite every bit fast. It wipes off easily as well as doesn't larn out a glutinous film. Even though it is non solely transparent, in that location is no reduction inward the lineament of the ultrasound ikon compared alongside the criterion clear ultrasound gel. It costs nearly 25 cents for a one-half pint, is sterile when you lot direct keep finished making it as well as is completely non-toxic. The ingredients are available inward many developing countries, non to cite the US. It is edible. It is non peculiarly bacteriostatic, though it could live made bacteriostatic alongside a trivial EDTA (but thus it wouldn't live edible). It is in all likelihood best made as well as used for a dyad or three days, thus discarded if unused, though I kept simply about inward a build clean bottle at room temperature as well as it was stable as well as smelled fresh for over a week.

It is quite thick, similar regular ultrasound gel, thus it is a fighting of a play tricks to larn it into a crush bottle. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 large bore funnel works, or the cooled gel tin live squeezed into the bottle out of the cutting halt of a plastic bag. It tin also live kept inward a jolt as well as used alongside a spoon.

This is sort of exciting. Now I volition no longer live subject on ultrasound gel manufacturers. If I was inward Haiti, either I or mortal at the household where I was staying could brand upwards a batch of this the dark earlier hospital as well as I would direct keep fresh build clean ultrasound gel alongside which I could live generous inward my scans.  The H2O wouldn't fifty-fifty direct keep to live sterile since the materials is boiled when it is made. Let in that location straight off live ultrasound inward places that does non reach!

Here's a YouTube video of how to practise it.

**This article has been really pop as well as readers direct keep left all sorts of novel adept ideas every bit comments. In companionship to brand adept ultrasound gel it is genuinely only necessary to direct keep simply about sort of a pulverisation that, when mixed alongside water, creates a by as well as large transparent gel which clings to the ultrasound transducer. Polysaccharides are adept for this, as well as guar gum is 1 of the to the lowest degree expensive that is available worldwide. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 reader, however, simply told me that he used glucomannan pulverisation inward a proportion of 1/2 teaspoon to a loving cup of water. I simply tried it as well as it is EVEN BETTER THAN GUAR GUM. It, similar guar gum, is a thickener as well as emulsifier, it is used past times dieters to decrease appetite as well as is security both topically as well as internally. It is available online as well as in all likelihood inward wellness nutrient sections of grocery stores every bit a dietary supplement. Glucommanan is a prison theater mobile telephone wall constituent of many plants, including the roots of the Konjac plant. Unlike guar gum it does non clump as well as tin live mixed inward mutual depression temperature H2O thus allowed to thicken over a few minutes. If it is mixed into boiling H2O its texture is smoother than when it is made alongside mutual depression temperature water, as well as of course of didactics it is also sterile, which is really useful. It is almost completely clear, has no flavour or odor as well as leaves really trivial residue. Thank you lot commenter who goes past times the squall "addedupon"!

***Recently an article has come upwards out inward PLOS 1 looking at making gel alongside dissimilar kinds of flour-type substances readily available inward markets inward resources pathetic settings. They recommend using cassava flour which is genuinely the same matter every bit tapioca flour. The work alongside this gel is that it is really glue-like as well as when I tried to wipe it as well as fifty-fifty launder it off of my skin, the remaining residual was really uncomfortable. When I direct keep done ultrasound inward Africa in that location is unremarkably zippo available except mayhap simply about flimsy john newspaper to wipe ultrasound gel off of the patient. It is for sure worth experimenting alongside dissimilar combinations (they also cite sorghum flour which sounds promising) but it is of import to utilization them on yourself to run into what they experience similar when they are incompletely wiped off, every bit is the park case.


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