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Food Vantage Friday

This week's "lucky" winner... milkshakes!

Milkshakes are finely crafted from a nutrient vantage perspective: sugar, emulsified fat, a pleasant mutual frigidity sensation, as well as a squeamish mild flavor, amongst no chewing or fiber to ho-hum downwardly ingestion or digestion.  People readily add together a milk shiver on function past times of a filling repast because it does non contribute to satiety inward proportion to its calorie content.  

The combination of emulsified fatty as well as carbohydrate is specially rewarding: intend chocolate as well as H2O ice cream.  Recently, I was inward Palm Springs as well as I visited i of the oldest as well as virtually productive engagement farms inward the country, Shields Date Garden.  They're known for their delicious engagement milkshakes.  When inward Rome...  I bring to say, non having had a milk shiver inward years, it was incredibly good.  The 2nd the milk shiver hitting my tongue, the flavour was as well as thence intense I felt a stiff wish to popular off along drinking, which is what I did until it was gone.  The wish for only about other milk shiver kept popping into my hear over the ensuing days, demonstrating the describe that these foods tin dismiss bring on our subconscious minds.  It was definitely i of the virtually hyperpalatable/rewarding foods I've e'er eaten.  

Thanks to NickSS for the photograph (via Wikipedia)



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