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Food Vantage Friday

This week's luck winner(s)... pastries!!

From scones to baklava to profiteroles, pastries are a smashing means to overeat as well as experience classy at the same time.  Pastries direct maintain a combination of qualities that brand them amid the most hyper-palatable of all foods: high calorie density, sugar, fat, starch, no bitterness, as well as a texture that's slowly to chew as well as swallow rapidly.  Pastries are a perfect event of the fact that low-quality corporate junk nutrient is non the exclusively challenge nosotros appear upwards inwards the modern nutrient environment: hyper-palatable, fattening foods tin move move quite artful.  They tin move too move made inwards the domicile kitchen for people who wishing to direct maintain the time.

I create direct maintain a pastry every straight off as well as then.  In fact, I had ii small-scale but first-class pastries correct earlier writing this post.  I was at an upscale buffet-style repast where I had to walk by them to larn dorsum to my seat.  The sight of the pastries was a cue that triggered a want (motivation) to consume the pastries.  The want was rigid plenty that it overcame my cognitive want to avoid them for wellness reasons: I gave inwards as well as position them on my plate.  Despite no longer beingness hungry subsequently finishing the savory component of my meal, I ate both pastries as well as they were excellent.  As before long every bit I had finished the minute one, the outset affair that came to hear was "I postulate to larn to a greater extent than of these as well as wolf them down".  I had to exert a footling fight of willpower (cognitive restraint) to proceed myself from getting upwards as well as putting to a greater extent than of them on my plate.  This is how vantage works.  Cue -> motivation -> conduct -> goal attainment -> reinforcement.

I don't experience whatever guilt near having the pastries, only every bit I don't experience whatever guilt near having a drinking glass of whiskey from fourth dimension to time.  I don't create it oft plenty for it to move a problem, generally because I rarely let out myself to the temptation (controlling cue exposure is key).  But it is interesting to detect my ain vantage arrangement inwards activity when I create let out myself to unnaturally rewarding foods.



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