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Food Vantage Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... Yoplait Go-Gurt!

While entirely clocking inwards at seventy calories per tube, as well as non boasting every bit many questionable ingredients every bit sure enough other processed snacks, the instant ingredient inwards Go-Gurt is sugar.  In his mass Salt Sugar Fat, Michael Moss start brings upward Go-Gurt inwards a chapter appropriately titled "exploiting the biological scientific discipline of the child".  This refers to the facts that a) humans are hard-wired from nascency to similar sweetness, as well as b) children similar sweetness fifty-fifty to a greater extent than than adults.

Manufacturers locomote added carbohydrate (in add-on to fat, salt, other ingredients, as well as clever marketing) to maximize the attractiveness of processed foods to children, which results inwards higher sales as well as consumption.  Though close of the people reading this belike don't taste the idea of eating a subway scheme of sugariness processed goo, I'm sure enough nosotros tin all holler upward a fourth dimension inwards our youth when this kind of matter would choose appealed to us.

Moss's mass has given me a greater appreciation for marketing every bit a powerful forcefulness that acts inwards concert alongside nutrient vantage to travail sales as well as consumption of processed food.  In the representative of Go-Gurt, nosotros choose a production that is carefully calculated to appeal to children.  Note the brightly-colored familiar characters on the package, as well as brightly colored yogurt.  Even to a greater extent than importantly, Go-Gurt eliminates the bespeak for a spoon, allowing a kid to crush the goo take away into his mouth.  This is the ultimate inwards convenience, as well as also has the cool factor, which should non hold upward underestimated every bit a sales tool.  Status is only every bit of import to children every bit it is to adults, but children stair out it differently.

Go-Gurt is a proficient representative of the carefully calculated locomote of nutrient vantage as well as marketing to target children.

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